Free Market Haters: Insane, Misled, or Evil?

Leftists hate free enterprise. Yep. They hate the free market, and Hollywood leftists ESPECIALLY hate it.

I know, I know. It’s ironic that those Hollywood types, who make SO MUCH MONEY in the free market that is the entertainment business, are so ignorant of, blind to, and quick to bite the hand that feeds them. More on that in a minute.

You know something that leftists love? Again, especially Hollywood leftists? They love royalty. Any royals will do. Hollywood types recently sucked up like leeches to two young newly-married British people who, as it turns out, know something about leeches, as their whole lives will be spent sucking up resources from the taxpayers of Great Britain.


Anyway, the reason leftists love royalty is because that’s the role they envision for themselves in the coming utopia they want to build. (For more on that, see my article Heaven on Earth Comes with a Hellish Price Tag.) After all, someone has to run things, don’t they? And who better than the people who are prettier and therefore better than the rest of us? By the way, they LOVE it when the media calls them “Hollywood royalty” for this very reason – in their minds, it’s a preview of a most alluring coming attraction.

But I digress. Why does Hollywood, and why do leftists, hate free enterprise?

Because the free market means that they cannot control you – and control is what they need to create that perfect world they’re so longing to impose on the rest of us.

But the liberating power of free enterprise means that instead of being forced to do something (like, say, buy health insurance), you can sit back and let different businesses compete for your dollar. Each one of those businesses has to respect you, compete for your attention, persuade you – because their very existence depends on you.

So do you feel respected at the DMV? (As Bill Whittle asks in his outstanding DVD “Firewall: What We Believe.”) Or do you feel respected at the post office? The post office is actually a good example, because in some ways, the free market has brought a ray of cleansing sunshine to that operation. FedEx and UPS have made a lot of money because people (even leftists!) always seek the cheaper, more efficient, and more pleasant alternative. There are no options to the DMV; nothing cheaper, nothing more efficient, and nothing more pleasant. That’s your tax dollars at work.

Government cannot compete with free enterprise, because the genius of free enterprise is that it channels what could be a negative – human self-interest – and makes it work for the good of society. I want more money. I want you to buy my product so I can have more money. So I will make the best product I can and sell it at the best price I can and provide the best customer service I can – all so I can get your business. And my competitor down the street, if he’s smart, will do the same thing.

Who wins? You do, Mr. Customer. You do. And all of society does. Because if my competitor starts getting too much of my business, I will have to innovate and come up with a new, great idea that serves people in another way. And then everybody’s better off again due to my new idea. And on and on it goes.

This, my friends, is how we got cell phones and laptops and iPads, and gourmet ice cream, and plush hotel rooms, and 92,403 TV channels to choose from, and… well, everything that makes our lives better than pretty much any other people in any other time.

I wish the people who are so all-fired insistent on being pro-choice when it comes to a woman’s right to kill her baby were pro-choice in all things market-related (to be fair, some of them are… but most of them aren’t). Pro-choice in the market means you support all of us having more choices, which means we have more power over our own lives, which means we have more liberty.

When the government runs things, we’re stuck. We have no choices, no power to change the situation, and no freedom to go elsewhere. Just imagine that endless line at the DMV, the bored and unmotivated workers behind the counter who will never lose their jobs no matter how incompetent their performance (special shout out to public sector unions!), and the absolute certainty of knowing that you could actually be arrested and put in jail if you don’t stay in line like a good little sheep and get your license.


That grim picture… or people competing to make you happy.

Only a crazy person would opt for the former when they could have the latter. Or a person who craves power over others and envisions being in charge. Or a person who’s a true believer in utopia and is willing to pull the oars in the slave ship.

And without exception, everyone who hates free enterprise falls into one of those three categories. The good news: They’re not all crazy! The bad news: The power-hungry – and the True Believers – are a lot more sinister than crazy people. And the DMV is only a little preview of a most appalling coming attraction.