Predictions: I'll share mine, if You'll share yours...

I thought this might be interesting, and even fun, to make predictions for this upcoming election to be revisited at later dates… how many of our predictions will turn out to be right??

Prediction #1:    It’s Trump/Kasich and has been for some time now—-Kasich fits the bill—experienced in DC pushing legislation through congress,  Trump likes him and always has, and he is from a must-win swing state, Ohio.

This matchup makes a Trump presidency even more unappealing for many of us.   In delaying his announcement, trump gets to continue to control the media with smoke and mirrors announcements of who will head VP vetting team and who supposedly is in the running, etc.

Prediction #2:  Of course Paul Ryan (and the rest of GOP leadership/establishment) will endorse Trump.  Trump has accomplished what they could not—–divide the grassroots conservative movement— tea party groups, Eagle Forum, talk radio, conservative media, etc. have all been split in half.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner could not be more pleased—-divide and conquer worked—who cares that it was Trump, their donor, who was the battering ram against the Cruz and the Freedom Caucus.

Prediction #3:  Trump will come out in support of free college education—-fits with the rest of his flip-flops.

Prediction #4:  The vast majority of members of Congress will end up either enthusiastically or unenthusiastically supporting Trump, and unenthusiastic support may be the best option.  The reason I say this is Raul Labrador (Freedom Caucus member who first supported Paul, then Cruz) appeared with failure Mike Murphy (who ran Bushes 100+ million dollar super pac).  Labrador, appearing as a Trump supporter, was able to draw important lines between Trump and Liberty candidates.  Meanwhile, nevertrumper Murphy establishment hack attacked Labrador—-I have to say, while I’m closer to nevertrump than supporting him, I was rooting for Labrador in this exchange.   Basically, what I’m saying is candidates and conservatives are going to have to position themselves in this election, and I want conservatives to have a voice and an impact.

Now,  what are Your predictions???