About those missing votes in 2012............

Now more than ever, it burns me to hear this falsehood repeated as it was again on Hannity the other day—I’ve also heard many conservatives I admire and respect, repeat this myth.  The truth is Romney received about a million more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008.  The real missing votes where on the democrat side—–Obama lost about 3 and a half million votes in 2012 from his 2008 totals and still won.

As a Cruz supporter (and yes, he has repeated this as well), I always knew that in order to win, it would take all of us to win.   However, Trump voters, and Trump himself, seem to be under the illusion that their “Trump Train” is not just a majority of Republicans, but also a majority of the voting electorate.  So why now are they demanding our votes?  I have waited for Trump to show his promised “adult, presidential side”—3 days after Trump being declared the presumptive nominee he is doubling down on his over the top attacks and lies on Rafael Cruz and waffling on support of several conservative policy positions –I will wait no longer. At some point we as voters have to ask ourselves,  Are we being treated with the same fairness and respect that Trump demands for himself??  Trump and Hannity seem to be under the impression that my vote is owed, not earned.  If I had to vote today,  I would not vote for Trump—nor would I vote for Hillary.  And NO,  I’m not picking up my toys and going home—and not voting for Trump is NOT half a vote for Hillary. We’ve been told that Trump can win New York, the Rust Belt and will get democrat and independent votes—-go for it!   If Trump loses in Nov., it will be because Trump FAILED to convince enough  voters to vote for him, period.  I refuse to be bullied by Trump, the republican party, talk radio hosts and my Trump supporting friends into casting my  vote to reward Trumpertantrums and 3 year old behavior with the Presidency of the United States.