Antifa Terrorist Attempts Arson Mass-Murder in PDX

Antifa Terrorist Attempts Arson Mass-Murder in PDX
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A local gun-board buddy’s daughter just moved out of her condo in Portland’s Pearl District yesterday, right next door to Mayor Wheeler’s place, after an Antifa sh**stain tried to torch the building Tuesday night at a time when he had to KNOW families were home and sleeping. Here’s his report on just what kinds of people we’re dealing with, in his own words, as a string of update posts at NorthwestFirearms.com:

I heard from my daughter in Portland last night, someone torched their condo in the Pearl District. Security cameras caught a person sneak into the secure garage behind an entering car at 9:30PM. This person then set fires in the stairwells to block residence from getting down, then torched the elevator lobby. Police believe it was ANTIFA. Most of us are aware the Portland Gun Violence Reduction Unit was disbanded by the Portland Mayor this year. The murder rate in Portland went up by 240% in July. The Governor’s plan to have the State Police patrol Portland sure is working out well…

The only documentation we have found is with the fire alarm company and the fire dept. We are still monitoring the news media. I have the announcement from the Home Owners Association, but I can’t release that publicly. This is the building next to where Ted Wheeler lives.

This is what I can release [Ed: from the HOA statement] – the police investigation is not finished.

“Here’s what we know – the two fires mentioned below in the south stairwell on the 4th floor and ground floor were intentionally set at around 9:30 pm tonight. Our new video camera system clearly shows a man who snuck into our garage at the time a car was exiting. The police have his image and we will likely post it to XXXXX XXXXXX in the next day or so.

The man proceeded to go to the 2nd floor of the garage where he entered the South stairwell. From there he went up to the 4th floor caged door where he set the first fire. After that he descended to the ground floor where he set the second fire and then exited the building.

We’re very happy that everyone appears to be fine. Please note that the South stairwell does not currently have power in it, but CMI has been called and we intend to restore power this evening. In addition the South elevator needs to be reset, which our elevator company will do first thing in the morning. The North elevator is running normally.”

The agitator arrested by the Feds for attacking one of their officers with a sledgehammer had a Texas drivers license and listed his residence as an RV in SE Portland. Another protester seen on several videos admits this is her 3rd location for BLM demonstrations, she is paid to travel for location to location. I do believe the radical few are outside instigators. My daughter tells me it’s ok during the day time in the Pearl, but her and her husband don’t go out after dark any longer. We run fresh produce from our garden down to them every week and the streets are much emptier now than in March.

From what we hear today, a lot of condos in the Pearl will be going up for. sale. My daughter and her husband moved out today and will not go back. Yes, they will avoid the Pearl in the future.

Then one has to remember that stopping gentrification of Portland was one of the goals of the protest. Rent values have already gone down since Feb.”

Update from the condo HOA – even after 911 was called, the police never showed up, not even today. The news media never showed up either. The fire alarms notified the fire dept directly. The Fire Dept determined it was arson and is investigating.
Security footage was downloaded and sent to the police and fire dept BUT the police are so busy with shootings across Portland and demonstration control, they have yet to send anyone to investigate. When my son in law called 911 during a demonstration last week, he never got a call back from the police. It’s getting to be like the CHOP in Seattle–Ted Wheeler has lost control of his city!!!

OK, the police released a photo of this punk who started the fire in my daughter’s condo, as well as 3 parking garages.

Look at that arrogant look and strut; he doesn’t care he’s being caught on Video, he was out of town within hours. The surveillance footage from the condo documents he was in for a total of 4 min from entry to setting the fire 4 floors up, running down with his supplies to the main lobby, setting a second fire and exiting out the door. This was not a local ANTIFA bubblegum [ED: NWFA swear filter replaces all profanities with “bubblegum”] hole, probably on Soros payroll.

Thanks to NWFA member “rjmt” for letting me share his reporting so the rest of us can see exactly what these people intend to do to anyone they can, and prayers for his family’s continued well-being.

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