RedState Chat presents: Buzzword Bingo, SOTU '20 Edition

One of the fun little things we’ve started at RedState Chat, along with our Election Night live-blogging, is an annual Buzzword Bingo game over the State of the Union address. Leave a note in the comments if you want to join the RedState Discord channel.


If you’d like to play along, interactive cards are at https://mfbc.us/m/yy7pez — this link generates a unique card every time it’s accessed, and if you want to play with the Cool Kids (okay, and a few dorks and geeks) over on Discord, here’s what to do:

  • Click this link: https://discord.gg/ZaAhq4m
  • You’ll be asked for your email and display name–ONLY use your Redstate username and the email you registered at RS with, because it’s how we know you’re a legit RS member! While we have tried to secure the server as much as possible with all the security features Discord offers, ultimately the security of your account and our server depends on you the user taking appropriate precautions. If you need to share personal information with other members, do so by Direct Message ONLY–that was one of the entire points of setting this thing up.
  • Download the Discord client that fits your particular system from https://discordapp.com/download
  • Once Discord is installed, you’ll be dropped into the Lobby while we have Streiff verify you’re a registered RedStater. This could take a few days, but please be patient–if you check out you’ll be knocking back cold ones with your friends in the Backroom Speakeasy of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy soon enough.
  • Once you’re in, you’ll be asked to set up Two-Factor Authentication as an additional security measure, which generates a one-time-use PIN you type in along with your password every time you log on. How-to directions can be found here. They recommend Google Authenticate or Authy, and system-admin Treksdot is personally partial to LastPass Authenticator, but once one of those is set SMS text-to-phone is also available.
  • Once you’re set, Discord will also give you a set of emergency backup PINs, each good for one use. Write them down somewhere or copy and paste them into a text file, because if your phone dies, they’re the only way you’ll have to get back in! We’re taking security VERY seriously here, with how nutbars from the Left have SWATted Erick Erickson and others, and tried to bring other forms of real-life harassment against our fellow members.
  • We try to stick to the “Heritage RedState Posting Rules,” (a Wayback Machine archive of the last posted Rules before they were nuked in August 2016) which will be prominently posted on the Slack server, though some of us occasionally get a little more “colorful” than over here on the Mothership Site–I’ll admit I turned the air a lovely shade of electric-blue on Election Night. Also, please DO NOT post links to outside content in the General channel.

RS Chat is a private project by several of us members, and as such is not officially approved or endorsed by Site Management or Ownership. It is meant to be a complement to the discussion platform on this website, NOT a replacement. User assumes all risks.