Working around the Disqus issue

In light of continuing difficulties with my primary RedState account, several longtimers have suggested that I create a new account while the Staff sort things out.

Given that I don’t have intent to break any of the relevant rules:
“10. No attempt may be made to use multiple accounts or team efforts to manipulate the Recommended Diaries feature, and no person is allowed to use the Recommend feature on his/her own work with any account.
11. The use of multiple accounts by a single person in a covert, deceptive way to provide the appearance of greater support for his/her views, (commonly known as “sock puppeting”) is not allowed.
12. Re-registration under a new username by a person with a previously banned account, without permission from the site proprietors, is forbidden. Circumventions of site bans is not allowed.”
I have no intent to recommend my own work, and if I’m greenlighted on this I will gladly provide my alternate username via email to Erick or the Contact email so Staff can verify compliance with this. I have no intention of posing as anyone but myself, this account would be SOLELY for maintaining access while the Disqus issues for my primary come up, and as a hole card for should it happen again–my expectation is since it’s been a precise two-week spacing it’ll probably come up again on or about August 15, and every two weeks thereafter unless somehow headed off at the pass, and I have not specifically been informed of a deliberate ban by Site Administration.

I can see the logic of their suggestion, but I would prefer to have Site Admin’s specific blessing before I proceed.

Mods/Admins, I would appreciate it if you’d chime in with a Go/No-Go on this. Everybody else, Open Thread–it’s a little early on a Sunday, but the cantina is open…

EDIT, 7:09PM Sunday: Timeline was a little off, looks like Steve51 was the “initial test subject” and me the next deployment. Note sent to Disqus about an hour ago, and to RedState Contact email right when problem started around noon Friday. Since he’s been having the problem longer, I’d request that Staff focus on fixing him first then move to me after. A relevant Disqus link re server-side blacklists and whitelists: https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/466242-using-the-blacklist-and-whitelist .

EDIT 2, 7:37PM Sunday, ironic musing: I’m starting to understand what Voldemort must have felt like, having to communicate through a diary… LOL

EDIT 3, 7:55PM: The contingency plan for “Operation End Run” has officially been relegated to archival files–hopefully Disqus techs will have some answers tomorrow morning, since I sent them links to both of my diaries about this matter. Thanks, Neil.

UPDATE, noon Monday: Got a reply from Disqus Helpdesk… “We’ve taken a closer look into this and have been able to document the issue. We apologize for any inconveniences it has caused and have passed it onto our team for further investigation. We are experiencing issues with users being inaccurately being marked as Spam accounts. We are currently working to resolve this issue so that users will be able to be cleared of their Spam label and post successfully.” Steve51, I also specifically asked them to look into your case and fix your account before mine, since you’ve been having the problem longer.

UPDATE, quarter to 9PM Pacific: Things have been back to normal since about four, and it looks like maybe Steve’s having more luck too. It’s premature to unhesitatingly say “We’re Back In Business!”, but it looks like there is reason to be optimistic… someone on Staff who participated in The Fix mind chiming in with a little of the Behind The Scenes to help educate us all about what happened and how it was dealt with, please? This is you guys’ time to shine, so stand up and take a bow… 🙂

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