Jimmy Carter on Healthcare

I stumbled upon this moronic quote from Jimmy’s book, “Everything to Gain” in which he admires the Chinese version of Universal Healthcare and it’s handmaiden Bureaucratic Rationing.

“By strict disciplinary measures, possible only in a totalitarian society, and using intensive educational programs and trained paramedics who work closely with village leaders, the Chinese have reduced their infant mortality rate, carried out a broad immunization program, practically eradicated venereal disease and lowered the annual population growth rate.”

Chinese families are only allowed one child by their communist masters.  Jimmy’s comment regarding the reduction of their infant mortality rate completely ignores the widespread infanticide practiced on female infants. This is done because parents want their ration of one child to be a male child who can help them in their old age.

I find it interesting that the anointed one is being compared to Jimmy more and more often.