What a bunch of Bull

Bull Connor

Growing up, my family was never into politics.  Any politics that I happened to notice came from my public school teachers.  Really, I didn’t start noticing much until about high school, and only then to try to figure out why some of my friends got so annoyed when the American History teacher constantly referred to Nixon as “tricky Dick”.

When I was getting close to the end of my college years, I started paying attention, and doing my own research.  I began to realize how much bull had been shoveled into my head, politically, at the hands of most (not all) of my teachers up through high school.  Of course, I hadn’t realized it then, and that’s the way the left wants it.

For instance, whenever I would think of the civil rights era – MLK Jr., the marches, the hoses, the dogs, etc, I always assumed that it was the Republicans who were at fault for the way the marchers were treated.  Just listening to the media would prove how raaaacist the Republicans are, and how they hate anyone that doesn’t share their skin color.

Upon researching those events, and finally learning the truth about history, I realized that the man that had turned the dogs loose, and opened the hoses was Eugene “Bull” Connor (Democrat).  How can that be?  History has been whitewashed by the liberals in this country (the ones in charge of writing the history books, reporting the news, teaching our kids).

Its time for liberals to own up to their role in race relations in the U.S.  Seriously folks, don’t you get tired of using the same old tired excuses, and name calling when trying to pin the blame on Conservatives?  I can already hear the argument coming from the left…”those Democrats left the party and joined up with the raaaacist Republicans!!!”  Well, here is an interesting article written by a conservative black man (Bob Parks) that spells out the Democrat role throughout the history of our country.

I know, I know, I can hear the next thing coming…”he’s an Uncle Tom! he’s a sellout!”  I find it interesting that liberals have to start name calling again, and always against conservative black people who have seen the light and can think for themselves.  I thought liberals didn’t have anything to do with treating minorities that way…I thought it was just those raaaacist conservatives.

How does the Republican party fix the image problem trumped up by liberals?  Well, here are two good reads that might be a good start.  First, is Vassar’s idea to start holding the media responsible.  Second, is an article from a conservative black woman (baldilocks) that explains why blacks have flocked to the Democrat party, and what Republicans can do to win them back.

Lastly, I will continue illustrating the truth about racial politics in our history.  Next up, the founding of the KKK…

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