You made your bed, now lie in it...

I believe that I’ve finally figured out what it will take to make the liberal proponents of Government Healthcare see things from the conservative side of the argument.

Before I show you my idea though, we need to get one thing straight… conservatives are not opposed to fixing the issues that need to be fixed (i.e. helping those that truly need the help with healthcare).  What conservatives are opposed to is the eventual single payer, GOVERNMENT healthcare solution.  Conservatives don’t look to government as the first solution to every problem.

Liberals, you have a laser-like focus on passing this healthcare bill (by any means necessary). While you are focusing on that goal however, you are losing sight of something. It’s the thing that makes conservatives realize that government is not the answer to our problems.

You are not going to be in power forever – even if the current congress tries to “deem” it so. Eventually (probably starting this November) you lose your grasp of power, and the Republicans will hold the reigns. When that happens, guess who will be in charge of your healthcare decisions if the current bill is made into law.

You feel safe now, when your party is in charge.  Do you really think that the Democrats will always be in control of your day-to-day healthcare decisions?  How would you have liked government healthcare if George Bush were in charge? How about Karl Rove?  Dick Cheney?  How would you feel with a medical rationing panel made up of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter?

Better yet, think of the two people on the political right that just make your blood boil and your mouths foam in anger?  Now, think about this…

…how will you feel when, say in 2013, President Palin announces her appointment for Healthcare Czar?

Rush - Healthcare Czar

If it comes to that, all we can say to you then is – you made your hospital bed, now lie in it.

DISCLAIMER:  No conservative personalities were harmed in the making of this diary.  They were merely used as examples of what the left is opening themselves up for. Even though the left wing blogs will try to make it into one, this cartoon is not a knock on Rush.

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