Bloodsucking Obama Zombies

Frontal Obamamy

Newsflash: Congressional Democrats have secretly been receiving the first new medical procedure under Obamacare, the Frontal Obamamy. How else can you explain their desire to so blatantly ignore the will of the people of the United States?

Instead of being able to think for themselves and block Obama’s Jedi mind control over them, something seems to have been inserted into their frontal lobes, thus boosting his mind control signal.

Medical researchers believe that the only cure for the Frontal Obamamy is bathing in blood. I guess we’ll find out in November. Some Democrats have opted out of this procedure for now, but may still get caught up in November’s blood bath.

Opting instead for a stiff drink, one such Democrat was purported to have said: “Hey, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal Obamamy!”

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