The Nobel Committee Comes through again.

It is interesting how, for a cartoonist, some topics generate so much material. But, enough about the current administration, the Nobel Committee has done it again. In 2004, I did a cartoon about who (or what) should have gotten the prize (see first cartoon below).  

In 2007 they provided the material for another cartoon.  That cartoon was an effort to understand what went on in their minds when selecting a prize winner.  It is the second cartoon below.  

Their most recent work inspired the third cartoon below.  I think I’m starting to figure out what they are looking for in a winning candidate.  I would like to thank the committee for providing such fertile ground for comic material

On a side note, I almost titled this diary “The company you keep.” but then I remembered that we are no longer allowed to judge a person by the company they keep (or content of character for that matter) but, hey, it’s something to think about.