Zingers and Musings of a Crazy Week

-Obama’s domestic stimulus failed so badly in creating job, so he is taking his circus show on the road.  He is proposing job stimulus for Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the Al-Qaeda backed rebels in Libya.  Talk about Keynesian economics!

– Obama doesn’t care if we crack the debt ceiling.  He just wants to ensure that Egypt doesn’t breach their debt ceiling.  Consequently, he has agreed to forgive $1 billion in debt.  If only China would be so charitable!

– There are no more homes left to foreclose upon, so Obama is going to kick Israel out of their land and foreclose on their homes.  Who will buy up the mortgages?  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, of course!

-For all of those who were apprehensive about the Patriot Act, fear not.  Obama has instructed his Housing Czar to divert all satellite surveillance technology to Israel so he can monitor housing construction.  He will also instruct his Labor and Health Czars to certify that the construction workers receive health insurance and are paid minimum wage.

– Obama has done such a good job securing our borders from the 12 million illegal aliens that he is teaching Israel the ropes about border security.  And, no alligators allowed.  Some have suggested that Netanyahu should tell Obama to recede to the 1848 borders and cede the Southwest to Mexico.  Given Obama’s track record, I’m worried that he will take him up on the challenge.  After all, he will have a chance to rid himself of his biggest enemy states; Arizona and Texas!  I’m wondering if Obama is aware of Israel’s 967 B.C. borders?  That would really teach Bashar Assad a lesson.  Then again, Obama thinks he is too big to fail.

– Obama threatened Syrian President Bashar Assad that if he doesn’t shape up, he will really regret it.  Obama will really stick it to him by….forcing Israel to hand him the Golan Heights!

– In Obama’s big speech, he said, “We will support open access to the Internet.”  Hey, why do the Egyptians get to remain free from the FCC?

He continued by saying, “and the right of journalists to be heard – whether it’s a big news organization or a blogger”.  Maybe the Boston Herald should move their bureau to Cairo.

– Meanwhile, amdist pressure from the NLRB, Boeing has announced that they are relocating their plant from South Carolina to Samaria in the West Bank.  What’s Obama going to do anyway; call it an illegal settlement?

– Next week, Obama is set to speak at AIPAC’s annual convention.  In light of some of Obama’s greatest hits on Israel, AIPAC leader Lee Rosenberg, a former Obama staffer, admonished his members not to boo the special guest during his speech.  At their website, AIPAC makes no mention of Obama’s speech.  Concurrently, after defaming the besieged Jewish state and condemning them as occupiers, the Anti Defamation League (ADL) released a statement praising Obama for the speech.  There has been no retraction from the ADL, even though Obama reinserted the ’67 borders business back into the speech.  Simultaneously, the ADL condemned Rush Limbaugh as an anti-Semite following his remarkable defense of Israel’s right to its entire land.  OK, I made that one up, but seriously, they did accuse him of anti-Semitism last year.

-I think Obama should make Huntsman ambassador to Obama’s Palestinian state.  He’ll undermine Obama’s insane Mideast policy in short order.

– In preparation for Jon Huntsman’s impending presidential campaign, he will be setting up headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Why 2,000 miles away from Utah?  They say that he is running to me Micky Mouse’s VP.  Digressing a bit, Haley Barbour told John King that of course Huntsman is “way to the right of Obama.”  Governor Barbour, it takes a quite a bit of millage traveling rightward from Obama to arrive at the right side of the political spectrum.