Beware the Liberal War on Bags

Liberals truly think of everything as they assail the American consumer and producer alike.  They ensure that gas prices are high, thereby inflating the cost of driving to the supermarket or mall.  They devalue the dollar and subsidize the agriculture sector, ensuring that food prices remain high at the supermarket.  Now they are plotting to tax the bags that hold the food on the way back from the store.

Across the country, liberals are working unremittingly to eliminate or tax plastic and paper bags at all stores.  The latest battle is in Oregon where the state Senate might vote on a bag tax (SB 536) today or later this week.  This bill would levy a 5-cent tax on paper bags and completely ban “single-use” plastic bags from most stores.  It would also force retailers to “provide information to ensure compliance.”

SB 536, as well as dozens of similar bills in other state legislatures, encapsulates everything that is capricious about modern liberal economic policy.  During a time of high unemployment and inflation, bag taxes and bag bans will destroy private sector jobs and regressively punish the consumers of vital needs.

In addition, this bill contains another indelible tenet of socialism; social engineering and means-testing.  Anyone on food assistance programs would be exempt from the paper bag tax.  Unfortunately, the small business is not accorded the same exemption as the poor consumer.  Worse, they will be disproportionately punished with the higher cost of purchasing the more expensive paper bags in lieu of the banned plastic bags.

While the green hippies in Oregon are cheering the proposed elimination of plastic bags, they would be wise to cogitate about the consequences of their actions.  The eco-fascists have already infringed upon our choice of light bulbs, toilets, and showers.  Eventually, they will eliminate one of their coveted choices as well.  After all, a widespread war on plastic bags will invariably decimate their sacrosanct green recycling jobs.  If no plastic is sold and disseminated, there will be no plastic to recycle.

Like all inane policy ideas, the bag tax/ban originated in D.C.  If we don’t stop it from spreading to states like Oregon, it may be coming to a jurisdiction near you.  Democrats control the Oregon Senate 18-12 and need 16 votes to pass the bill.   Call the state senators in Salem at 1-800-332-2313 and tell them to keep their commitment to consumer choice.  Let’s see who is really pro-choice.