Gabrielle Giffords as the Democrat Political Human Shield in Arizona

In light of Jon Kyl’s surprise retirement announcement last week, conservatives are presented with a unique opportunity to elect an unabashed conservative from the deep red state of Arizona.  The Republicans have super majorities in both houses of the legislature and control every statewide elected office.  As Arizona becomes more conservative, there is a plethora of solid candidates, which if elected, would serve as an improvement over Jon Kyl.  Once the Democrats destroyed Arizona’s borders and opposed SB 1070, they were banished from electoral politics across the state.  Presumably, there would be no viable chance for the Democrats to turn over this seat.  But, the Democrats have a trick up their sleeve; run Gabrielle Giffords.

Ever since the tragic shooting in Tucson, the Democrats have employed every insidious tool at their disposal to score much needed political points from the tragedy.  Based upon Obama’s poll numbers, it appears that they have succeeded to some degree.  Now, they are plotting to run Giffords for the Senate seat even before she recovers.  They figure that Republicans will not have the effrontery to oppose her.

Let’s be clear.  Our hearts go out to Congresswomen Giffords and her family as we wish her the most complete and speedy recovery possible.  However, that does not mean that we should place emotions ahead of national interests by surrendering a Senate seat to her.

The Democrats have always acted repugnant by manipulating tragedies for their own political advancement.  They stop at nothing in their pursuit of their capricious takeover of the country and will indignantly use “victims” as political human shields to obviate Republican opposition.  They lack the rectitude, intellect, and justification to promote their incoherent and inefficacious policies based upon their own merits, so they mask them behind political untouchables.  What more effective political human shield than Gabrielle Giffords?

Six years of torture for John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton did not earn him a single gratuitous vote in 2008.  This sort of entitlement politics based upon emotional experiences never works for Republicans.  And it shouldn’t.  It has no place in our constitutional republic.  Maybe it would work in Egypt.

These people are simply nefarious political terrorists who lack the truculence to fight without human shields.  If they really were as macho as they purport, they would run Janet Napolitano and defend their support of illegal immigration without the protection of Giffords’s skirt.

However, assuming that God-willing, she recovers completely by the end of the year, we must be prepared for such a scenario.  Will we surrender the seat by virtue of her entrance into the race?  Is there anyone who would have the temerity to run a rigorous campaign against her?

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