Liberal Economics: Drive up Cost of Food on Poor, While Benefiting Corporate Donors

The Democrats have thrived in public office since FDR by cementing their power through the perpetuation of government and subsidization of poverty.  Pick an industry and the name of the game is the same.  They blow up the private sector through any mix of taxation, regulation, and litigation.  Then, as jobs are cut and the cost of the good or service of that industry skyrockets, the liberals swoop in with more government solutions to solve problems incurred by the original governmental intervention.  Worse, these programs usually benefit their corporate friends who remit some of their new-found cash to Democrat reelection committees.

There is no better illustration of the fatuous cycle of government than the Democrat’s food policy.  They have artificially inflated the cost of food through ethanol mandates, environmental regulations, and new FDA regulations.  In addition, their constriction of oil drilling, refinery constructing, nuclear power, and coal extraction, has had a residual effect on the cost of food transportation.  Now that these regressive policies from the progressives have come home to roost, and people cannot afford the gratuitously high cost of food, they are waiting at the door with handouts.

According to the latest data released by the USDA,  an additional 289,737 people were added to the food stamp program during October 2010, the first month of FY 2011.  That is roughly a 14% increase in enrollment and costs of the program on a year-over-year basis.  There are now a record 43,200,878 people and 20,183,148 households enrolled in the program which costs us almost $5.8 billion annually.  At this rate, the food stamp program will cost taxpayers at least $70 billion for FY 2011, and will likely increase as enrollment in the program continues to skyrocket.

What is even more cynical and repugnant is that fact that the rich corporate friends of the Democrats stand to benefit from the accretion of the food stamp program.  The great champions of the poor and warriors against “big business” are the very scoundrels who distort the free market through big government intervention to satisfy their corporate donor’s avarice at the expense of the poor.

A commentary at the Economic Collapse Blog, reports that J. P. Morgan is the largest government contractor that gets paid to administer food stamps.  They provide food stamp debit cards to more than half the states and make more money as the enrollment in the program grows.  In other words, as the income security of Americans deteriorates, J.P. Morgan’s economic prospects ameliorate.  So let’s elucidate the Democrat equation.  More Democrat food regulations and destruction of economy = higher food prices =  more people on food stamps = more money for J.P. Morgan = more campaign donations for Democrats.  Or put another way; Socialism + TARP + government regulations + welfare = J.P. Morgan.  Or yet another way; socialism + corporate cronyism + Welfare- Free Markets – income growth – productivity = Democrat Party.

The food stamp fiasco is one of the best illustrations of the malice intent driving the contrived progressive compassion of the Democrats.  It is all motivated by the desire to keep people down, while perpetuating their power through the cynical manipulation of corporate cronyism.

I have a novel idea for our government.  Let’s stay out of the food and energy sector so that all of us can afford the natural market prices and won’t need handouts.  Let’s quit the corporate cronyism, a.k.a. socialism, and stop regulating prosperity and subsidizing poverty?  Then again, if that were to occur, who would subsidize the Democrat Party?

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