For Republicans, Elections Have No Consequences.

The GOP won their greatest electoral victory since 1938, but you wouldn’t know it from most of the recent news.  Let’s round up some of the GOP’s greatest hits since November 2nd.

  • The House Republican Steering Committee, led by leadership, appointed big government, big liberals Fred Upton as Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Hal Rogers as Approps Chair, and Spencer Bachus (R- Freddie Mac) at Financial Services.  So we have three wolves guarding the hen houses by leading three of the most vital committees.
  • Last week, 6 Republican Senators (including John Thune) joined Tom Harkin in signing a letter of support for extension of Ethanol welfare.  This comes at a time in which these same regressive policies of the progressives have already spiked the price of gasoline to $3 a gallon.
  • Last week, 8 Republican Senators voted against the earmark moratorium.  Mark Kirk, a member of the class of 2010 voted against it.
  • After the health care and financial services takeover, the FDA food-Nazi bill was one of the most egregious nanny state, job killing, cost raising, special interest pandering pieces of legislation to come out of the 111th congress.  15 Republican Senators, including the likes Vitter, Burr, and Enzi, ensured its passage.
  • The Debt Commission.  Yes, even Conservatives like Coburn and Crapo voted for massive tax hikes and the exacerbation of the current Social Security ponzi scheme that will force young workers to pay even more into a bankrupt system until age 69.
  • Incoming Majority Whip Eric Cantor announced that he would support the pre-conditions and slacker (26 year old’s on parent’s plans) previsions of Obama Care.  These mandates are the very reason why insurance is already so expensive and will ensure that costs rise to the point that all Americans will beg for single payer.  This is exactly what Obama had envisioned all along, and Cantor is being played like a fiddle.
  • Loads of GOP Senators seem to support unilateral disarmament, the return to Soviet era rivalries, and the gutting of our missile defense by ratifying START.  Even John Kyl has indicated that Republican support of START might be part of a compromise to other issues.

The list is unfortunately too long to mention the numerous other policy hits from the GOP.  Are there any conservatives left aside for Jim DeMint?   Did we just have an election, or are we living in the twilight zone?

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