Social Security is the Poison Pill of the Debt Commission's Proposal

If the only legislative option is to vote on the entire report from the Debt Commission, then the changes in Social Security should serve as a poison pill to prevent any Republican from supporting it. While there are definitely some good proposals in the report that call for spending cuts, anyone who calls themselves a conservative cannot support the commission’s report as a package deal.  It is therefore disappointing to hear that Senators Coburn and Crapo plan to vote for the report unconditionally.

The Hill is reporting that these Senators believe that if something is not done soon we are headed for a fiscal ruin.  Therefore, they will vote for any proposal, irrespective of how flawed it is.  Coburn declared at a press conference,” I am scared to death of the potential that could unwind this country far greater than anything we’ve seen before.”

Senator Coburn is correct in asserting that if we don’t cut the spending then we will face peril.  However, we need to understand that this is not about balancing a budget, it is about limiting government.  If our only option of immediate reform is to vote for modest spending cuts in conjunction with dramatic tax hikes, entrenchment of Obama Care, and the perpetuation of the SS ponzi scheme, then it is better that we wait two months so we can propose drastic limits in government spending without any tax increases.

Paul Ryan has already expressed his concern about the provisions in the report that will cement Obama Care and even impose taxes on employer health plans.  As Ryan explains to The Hill:

“The plan accelerates and entrenches ObamaCare,” Ryan said. By taxing employer health plans but leaving the rest of the healthcare reform law in place, the plan presented by the chairmen of the deficit commission would push too many people into healthcare exchanges, which Ryan said would balloon subsidies paid by the government.”

What concerns me is that there is not enough outrage from conservatives about the commission’s plans for Social Security.  The commission calls for reform of Social Security by implementing any one, or mix of the following changes; cutting benefits, raising payroll taxes, raising the exemption limit, means testing benefits, and most egregiously raising the retirement age.  Unfortunately, some conservatives are applauding this move as a much needed cut in entitlement spending.  However, they would be wise to note that this “entitlement” is quite different from most others in that we are forced into it!

Let’s get this straight.  The government runs a ponzi scheme in which they steal up to to 14% (including the employer’s share) of everyone’s hard earned money for a supposed retirement plan.  Then, they use current workers to pay off those who are retired, while making extra money from eating the contributions of those who die before they can receive it.  Finally, when the program goes bust and they are caught, instead of going to prison like Bernie Madoff, they get to force us to contribute more!  Worse yet, they continuously raise the age in which we can receive our own money!  If this is not tyranny, slaving until you are 70 years old for the government, I don’t know what is.  How can anyone who calls themselves a conservative even think of supporting this?

I have no problem with cutting down on SS benefits and making it more sustainable for those who choose to participate.  But how can we compel every American to contribute a large percentage of their income to a plan that will be means tested and be administered at the mercy of corrupt politicians?  This is purely unconstitutional and should be the next civil rights issue for young voters.  The bottom line is that none of these changes can be fairly implemented without offering younger voters a way out of this ponzi scheme.

We need to pressure our elected Republicans and fellow conservatives not let the enticement of minuscule budget cuts buy their vote for tax hikes, expansion of government, and entrenchment of Social Security as a permanent form of involuntary servitude.

Cross-posted to Red Meat Conservative