Which Blue Dogs Might Switch Parties?

In an ideal world, there would not be a single blue dog left in congress on November 3rd.  All of them reside in strong or lean GOP districts and in a year when congress critters like John Dingell and Barney Frank are in trouble, one would assume that all the blue dogs would be long gone.  Unfortunately, there are a few districts that will retain some of their blue dog frauds unless there is a drastic change over the next 11 days.  In some of these districts the Republican candidate never gained traction, while in others, the blue dog was successful in lying to his constituents by painting himself as more conservative than his Republican challenger.

However, the real question is this:  If the Republicans are slated to gain full control over the House, will any of these guys switch parties (two D’s flipped following the 94 wave)?  Let’s be clear, I have no illusions that any of these foxhole conversions would be sincere.  Quite the contrary, everything that these blue dogs do are designed to perpetuate their power in the most effective way.  This is why I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these Pelosi lapdogs would bail on their master to join the winning team.  Here is a list of Dems who appear to be holding on to their seats and might switch parties.

ID-1 R+18: Walt Minnick
NC-11 R+6: Heath Schuler
OK-2 R+14: Dan Boren
PA-4 R+6: Jason Altmire
UT-2 R+15: Jim Matheson
VA-9 R+11: Rick Boucher

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