Maryland Democrats Trying to Steal Elections With Early Voting

Most conservatives have long felt that early voting is unconstitutional.  The cornerstone of our democracy provides for free and fair elections.  The most basic execution of a fair election is to conduct competing campaigns and then provide for one day at the end of the campaign in which the voters cast their verdict on the race.  Ever since the Democrats began implementing early voting, a huge percentage of votes are cast 2-3 weeks before the election campaigns are finished.  So there is no uniform standard to which the candidates are judged as different people are voting at varying times, with different information concerning the election.

There is also another problem with early voting; cheating.  And we all know that this is the main reason why the Democrats have pushed for it so aggressively.  After all, in almost every state, the early votes overwhelmingly favor the Democrats.  One opportunity they use to skew elections is by releasing early voting results before the first vote is cast on the real constitutional election day.  This is exactly what they intend to do in Maryland.  The Baltimore Sun reports:

With the state’s first attempt at early voting in a general election set to begin Friday, officials still are working out kinks in the system.  After a trial run in last month’s primaries, lawmakers are considering allowing those votes to be counted earlier on Election Day — an idea that has raised red flags among Republican and policy groups concerned that politicians could take advantage of the information.  Even with historically low turnout for the primaries Sept. 14, election judges were overwhelmed with work that night, prompting results from some of the larger areas to trickle in at a slower-than-usual pace.  To speed the process, State Elections Administrator Linda H. Lamone has drafted new rules for when early votes can be counted. For the primaries, the regulations allowed election judges to begin counting at 2 p.m.; under Lamone’s draft, they could start counting at any time on Election Day — theoretically, right after midnight.

So under the guise of expediting the counting process, the Democrat run Board of Elections will give priority to the early votes cast.  Now, here is the kicker:

Results would be not be reported to the public until after the polls close, but the regulations are silent as to whether vote counts might be released to elected officials — including those who are trying to keep their jobs.  Critics predict that election judges could slip candidates inside information on vote tallies early on Election Day, enabling campaigns to deploy their get-out-the-vote operations more effectively.  “There’s the potential for all kinds of political shenanigans to take place,” said Del. Michael D. Smigiel Sr., an Eastern Shore Republican. The conservative blog Red Maryland has called on state lawmakers to halt the election board’s new plan.

We all know that election judges aren’t non-partisan bi-standards.  They are usually committed to observe the election process for one party.  So these “judges” would basically report to the Democrat operatives if inner city turnout is “too low” and encourage them to invoke their time tested “get out the vote” operations.  Let’s summarize the Democrat GOTV efforts.  They first have their buddies in the media publish polls a few weeks before the election showing the Democrat up double digits.  This motivates their base and discourages the opposition so that the early voting will reflect the self fulfilling prophecy of those polls.  Then, they publish the results of the early voting so they can taint the results of the remaining ballots to be cast on election day.

This coming debacle will be a real test to see if anyone in the Md GOP has the fortitude to fight this one all the way.  This is a hill to die on.  One thing that we can do is work on electing conservatives as state Secretaries of State.  Last week, we did a post handicapping the attorney general races across the country.  Later this week we will try to highlight the key races for Sec. of State.  Keep in mind, if we don’t solve these election issues, we will lose our last weapon against the fifth column of governing class vermin in this country.

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