So, Will You be Voting for Nancy Pelosi

n light of all the recent news about Democrat candidates running as John Birchers, I felt is was finally time to call their bluff.  We are in a very good position to take back the House, but there is some polling evidence that some of the red district blue dog frauds are still hanging in there.  Keep in mind that there are 70 Dems in R rated districts.  A handful of them are doing relatively well because they try to block out their party label, run against the liberal platform, attack their Republican opponent from the right, or tout endorsements from the NRA and Chamber of Commerce.

I think we need to start a campaign to call the offices of these clowns and demand that they go on record whether they would vote for Pelosi or Hoyer to be Speaker.  Incumbent Bobby Bright (AL-2) and candidate Roy Herron (TN-8) were the only ones to go on record as opposing Nancy Pelosi.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Even guys like Bright and Herron are frauds because if they really supported their convictions they wouldn’t join and bolster a party that negates those very convictions that they purport to hold dear.  We are sick of these frauds who trash Pelosi at home, but then vote for the liberal leadership, committee chairmen, and Democrat Rules Committee members who ensure passage of all the legislation that they claim to detest.  However, if we can get them on  record as declining to take a stand (that’s what most will do) we can help their opponents expose their fraudulent claims of being conservative.  If we play our cards right, there shouldn’t be a single Democrat in a Republican district after November.

Here is a list of Democrats who are polling relatively strong and still need to be defeated.  Let’s try to get a hold of their campaign offices and make them take a stand on Pelosi.  Then, contact your local newspaper or TV/radio station.  I will start with mine in Maryland-1 Frank Kratovil.

AR-4: Mike Ross
AZ-5: Harry Mitchell
AZ-8: Gabrielle Giffords
CA-18: Dennis Cardoza
CO-3: John Salazar
GA-8: Jim Marshall
GA-12: John Barrow
ID-1: Walt Minnick
IN-2: Joe Donnelly
KY-6: Ben Chandler
MD-1: Frank Kratovil
MN-7: Collin Peterson
MS-1: Travis Childers
MS-4: Gene Taylor
NC-11: Heath Shuler
ND-At Large:Earl Pomeroy
OK-2: Dan Boren
PA-4: Jason Altmire
PA-10: Chris Carney
PA-17: Tim Holden
SD-At-Large: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
TN-4: Lincoln Davis

TN-5: Jim Cooper
TX-28: Henry Cuellar
UT-2: Jim Matheson
WV-1: Mike Oliviero
WV-3: Nick Rahall

Ideally, every Blue Dog should be called on the carpet, but these are the ones that seem to have shown a lot of durability in their home districts and are polling ahead or close to their Republican challengers.  After everything the Democrats have done to this country, simply winning 39 seats is not enough.  We must swing for the fences and knock out every Democrat fraud in the House.  Ironically, it is these blue dogs, who mascaraed as conservatives, that might help perpetuate the power of the radical left.  Let them all be forced to take a stand, “Will you be voting for Pelosi or Hoyer to be Speaker next year”?

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