The Chamber's "Foreign" Funds are Preserving Obama's Majority

Last week, we compiled a list of Democrats who were endorsed by the NRA.  (It was posted on Red State here)  Some expressed surprise at how the NRA would negate their own interests by supporting Democrats in the vital districts that are needed for them to preserve their majority.  Well, the Chamber of Commerce in no different.  They are out endorsing liberal fraud, blue dog, Frank Kratovil over conservative Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st district.  The Chamber has contributed over $168,000 to Kratovil!

Meanwhile, throughout the weekend the Obama administration has been attacking the Chamber of Commerce and accusing them of being funded by foreign entities.  This is coming form an administration that took more money from foreign sources than any other campaign in American history, including from radical Islamists.  The irony is that the Chamber is funding Democrats reelections bids in some of the most vital districts that are necessary for Republicans to capture the House.  In fact, they are slated to spend $2 million dollars for Blue Dog Democrats nationwide.  So, who are the ones who are benefiting from this alleged foreign entity after all?

Now, MD-1 is the quintessential red district that we must win in order to secure a majority.  However, according to the most recent poll, Andy Harris only lead Frank Kratovil by 43% to 40%.  An endorsement from the Chamber can go a long way in securing Kratovil’s “conservative” credentials with his conservative constituents.  So by Obama’s own admission, foreign money is helping to save his majority.

Cross-posted to Red Meat Conservative