Three Republican Senators Vote for Unilateral Disarmament

Earlier today, three Republican Senators joined every Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to send the bill to ratify the START treaty to the full Senate.  The three RINO traitors were Johnny Isackson (Ga), Richard Lugar (IN), and Bob Corker (TN).  How ironic that in light of the recent debate about nominating RINOs in blue states, we have three RINOs from solid red states who are supporting the most radical un-American treaties.  This treaty will basically unilaterally disarm the US of its deterrent power by systematically dismantling our missiles, warheads, and launchers.  Oh! but have no fear; the Russians will match our commitment religiously.

Richard Lugar, the Ranking Republican on the committee, called the treaty “essential to US security”.  Lugar has consistently joined the likes of John Kerry and Joe Biden in pressuring Israel to unilaterally surrender to the Arab terrorists.  It worked so well in the Middle-East that Lugar feels it necessary to implement the same sort of arrangement with the Russians.  This is what happens when we send ruling class Republicans to the Senate.  They give bi-partisan cover to the most extreme policies of the Democrats.  Needless to say, Sen. Jim DeMint led the fight for conservatives on the committee to stop this surrender of American sovereignty.  DeMint attempted to add an amendment that would commit the government to building a robust missile defense system, but it was scrubbed by John Kerry, with the help of the Obama Republicans.

Today’s Senate news presents Karl Rove, and those at National Review who are so concerned with control of committees, with the obvious question.  If the Republicans were to garner 51 seats and control the Senate, who would be the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee?  It would be non other than START fanatic Richard Lugar.  Lugar is every bit of a moral relativist, internationalist, and pacifist as John Kerry in the realm of foreign policy.  So what would have been the outcome of today’s vote had the Grand Rino Party been in charge?  The treaty would have passed by an 11-7 margin instead of 14-4.  The only difference is that the Republicans would have owned this egregiously un-American and universally unpopular treaty.  The committee vote today is a vivid illustration of why winning with RINO’s is worse than losing with Democrats.

It’s ironic how that same crowd has been lecturing us on the importance of electing blue state liberals so that red state conservatives can be committee chairman.  Well, wake up and smell the RINO droppings; it is the blue and red state RINOs who control the committees.  The bottom line is that Jim DeMint is correct in asserting that there is no point in gaining back the majority so long as it is dominated by Obama Republicans.  Not only is it a worthless goal; it is actually counter-intuitive and destructive to our long term prospects of a conservative majority.

It is time that we clean up the Republican Party.  Hopefully, Lugar will retire in 2012 and someone like Marlin Stutzman can run for the open seat.  Unfortunately, we missed the boat with Isakson and gave the former George Soros funded, Main Street Republican member a free pass for another six years.  In 2014, Bob Corker will be up for reelection in Tennessee and must be defeated.  He was the Obama Republican who enabled the takeover of the financial service industry and should not be representing one of the quickest trending conservative states.  Then again, I’m sure that the wizards of smart in the “conservative movement” will tell us that candidates who oppose START have no chance of winning in Indiana, Georgia, and Tennessee!

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