The Pew Immigration Study and Attrition Before Enforcement

he Obama administration is breathlessly touting a new Pew Research study which shows that the number of illegal immigrants in the country is decreasing.  The media is already lauding the Obama administration for its stepped up immigration enforcement which has supposedly led to this decrease in migration.  The problem is that there is no increased enforcement from the DHS.  Actually, they are hamstringing ICE from apprehending non criminal aliens, while intimidating immigration courts to dismiss outstanding warrens for deportation.  An internal memo from USCIS clearly shows that the administration is trying to implement amnesty through executive administrative actions.  So if it is the policy of the administration to leave no illegal behind, then why is there a sharp drop in the number of illegal invaders?  There are two simple reason; the economy and attrition before enforcement.

During the 90’s and early part of this decade, unemployment was 4-6% and the economy was growing rapidly.  Now, as a result of our slide into socialism there is no economy and there are no jobs.  This is not exactly an enticing environment for illegal migration.  To illustrate the point, let’s take a look at what the Pew study says about Texas.  According to Pew, Texas is the only southwestern state that experienced an increase in illegal immigration.  200,000 more illegals have invaded the Lone Star State since 2007.  Incidentally, Texas has a lower than average unemployment rate and one of the fastest growing economies.  So in some perverted ironic analysis it is indeed correct to say that Obama and the left have stemmed the tide of illegal immigration.  If you destroy the country there is no incentive for illegals to continue to come.  I guess in some respects it is good that we don’t have Texas free market economics in most other states.  Then again, there is one more factor in the decline of illegal immigrants.  Enforcement!

Prior to the populist outrage over the illegal invasion that was fueled by talk radio during the early part of the decade, there was simply no concern or awareness about this issue.  Illegals were given the full impression that they would be welcomed with open arms.  Due to the amazing work of conservatives in and out of congress, illegal immigration has become one of the top concerns over the past four years.  Even Democrats are feigning outrage over the porous borders.  In addition, dozens of states and localities have overcome much adversity to pass tough immigration laws.  This has had a deterring effect by conveying to illegals that we are now focusing on them and they will potentially be deported.

Even as the Obama administration has refused to enforce the laws, the tough state laws, in conjunction with public outrage have resulted in attrition before enforcement.  There has been a mass flight of illegals from Arizona since they passed their law.  This clearly debunks the absurd straw man argument that we cannot possibly send back the illegals without physically deporting every one of them, and therefore are in desperate need of amnesty.  The bottom line is that when there is merely a shift in public attitude towards illegals, and we convey a message of law enforcement, they will steadily leave.  And where will they go?  They will only migrate to places that welcome them.  Thus, we find many of Arizona’s illegals fleeing to New Mexico, a state that offers them drivers licenses, jobs, and social programs.  If the tone of the debate and the attitude of government towards illegal aliens has such a drastic rationale effect on their actions, imagine how real implementation of tough laws would deter their invasion?

Watch for the media to promote Obama’s “tough enforcement policy” over the next few days.  They will continue to overlook the real deterrent and logical solution to illegal immigration.

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