A Stunning Election Night for Red Meat Conservatives

Last night was a phenomenal time for Republicans in general and conservatives in particular. It was also a historic night for supporters of strong border enforcement and the tea party. Here are the major highlights.

Joe Miller

  • The most exciting news of the night was the probable defeat of RINO, open borders Senator Lisa Murkowski at the hands of tea party patriot Joe Miller. The votes are still being counted, but if the numbers hold we will have executed the biggest upset of the year. Next January we will have Senator Joe Miller fighting for us in Washington. He will likely join Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Ken Buck, and Ron Johnson. In addition to the proposition of picking up 7-10 D seats, look at the R seats that we have already turned more conservative.

1. Utah– Arch RINO Bob Bennett will now be replaced by stellar conservative Mike Lee.
2. Alaska– Open borders, pro abortion, big government Lisa Murkowski will be replaced by constitutional scholar Joe Miller.
3. Kansas– Although many of us would have liked to see a Senator Todd Tiahrt, we will still replace La Raza Senator Brownback with border hawk Jerry Moran.
4. Ohio– King RINO George Voinovich will be replaced with more mainstream Rob Portman.
5. Missouri– This is not the most clear cut contrast, but Roy Blunt clearly has a more conservative voting record than retiring Senator Kit Bond.
6. New Hampshire– The primary is still in progress but it is pretty clear that Kelly Ayotte will win the nomination and is favored to win the general election.  Judd Gregg has voted with the Democrats on many key issues including immigration.  Kelly Ayotte might not be a Jim DeMint conservative, but she at least provided an opportunity to move another seat to the right.

These are 6 seats that will move closer into our column in addition to all of the Democrat seats that we are likely to win.


  • Rick Scott defeated establishment candidate Bill McCollum.  McCollum claims that Scott has a questionable past and this accusation is seconded by many in the Republican and conservative establishment.  However, the bottom line is that McCollum offered conservative nothing.  He ran an uninspiring campaign and initially attacked Arizona’s immigration law.  He kept flip-flopping on the issue until recently when he announced his push for an even stronger immigration bill in Florida.  Scott ran a red meat conservative campaign on every issue.  Who really believes that McCollum would have moved so far to the right on immigration if not for Scott?  Many are being distracted by accusations against Scott that he bought the election, has a shady past, and is posing as a conservative.  But these Republicans are missing the point.  Had McCollum truly given conservatives a reason to believe that he would govern as a red meat conservative, there would have been no platform for Scott to launch his campaign, no matter how much money he was willing to spend.  Instead of graciously unifying to defeat the Democrats, McCollum has issued one of the most bitter concession statements on record.

There has been a behavioral pattern of establishment candidates from Jane Norton and Sue Lowdon to Trey Grayson and Bill McCollum.  They are initially coronated to lead the party, a conservative comes from nowhere to win the hearts and minds of conservative voters, and the establishment candidate spends millions viciously tearing down the tea party candidate.  They always deny ever being liberal and proceed to change all of their pre-election views, while attacking the conservative challenger as the real liberal.  The epilogue of all these races is the same.  The vicious personal attacks of the rampaging RINO’s are not working.  If you desire to be elected, then go out and inspire conservatives and give them a reason to vote for you.  Then, there will be no reason for these horrible, ichey, rubes to come along and “steal” your birthright.

In other good Florida news:

  • Democrat Kendrick Meek won a huge mandate is his primary race for Senator against billionaire Jeff Greene.  This will strengthen his position and make it very difficult for Charlie Crist to maintain the level of support among Democrats that polls are currently reflecting.  This is great news for Marco Rubio.
  • Jim Geraghty at NRO observes that Marco Rubio received almost twice as many votes as Kendrick Meek in his primary, even though he was ostensibly unopposed.


  • Even though McCain pulled off a victory, he was forced to spend $22 million and adopt all of Hayworth’s positions.  The question for now is how long this will last.
  • Jesse Kelly, the red meat conservative war hero pulled an upset and defeated the establishment candidate in the 8th district.  This is the border district represented by Gabrielle Giffords, and is one of the top pickup opportunities in November.  Kelly was backed by Michele Bachman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tom Tancredo, and state Sen. Russel Pearce.  We might have our first conservative border congressmen in a long time.

This election is shaping up to be a dream for conservatives.

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