Obama's Foreign Policy is More Dangerous Than his Domestic Policy

There is much focus on the disaster of Obama’s socialist, job killing, domestic and economic policies. Unfortunately, there is less public scrutiny on the perils of Obama’s post American, morally decrepit foreign policy.  If we are complacent in trying to overturn his foreign policy, the results will be more disastrous than the effects of his domestic policy.

Pundits often assess the success (or failure) of a presidency by analyzing the legislative scorecard. In other words, they evaluate the president’s performance based upon the number of administration backed legislation that passed congress and was signed into law. To that end, although Obama has succeeded in passing his porkulous, TARP, bailouts, EuroCare, and financial takeover, he has been denied the passage of much of his prized legislation (amnesty, cap and tax, Disclose Act, etc.) Sadly, when it comes to foreign policy, Obama has been 100% successful in implementing his policies.

This degree of success hails from the president’s broad constitutional latitude in conducting foreign policy. There is no legislative scorecard and congressional transparency when it comes to vital foreign policy initiatives. The President can choose to dismantle our security with virtually no substantial mechanism to stop him.  Also, we cannot observe these policy deliberations on C-span every day as we can with congressional proceedings.  Therefore, there is usually less awareness and accompanying outrage towards those policies.
It’s much harder to drive populist outrage against foreign policy initiatives than to against domestic ones.  Nonetheless, it is impetrative that all conservative candidates for congress campaign against Obama’s foreign policy just as vociferously as they denounce his domestic policy.  There has been much debate over the role and prominence of social issues in this year’s elections, but there is no denying the importance of foreign policy.  We must fight Obama’s Islamofacism as early and as often as we fight his Marxism.

Let’s take a look at some of these disastrous policies that have surfaced just over the past week:

The Obama administration has announced a new round of direct talks between Israel and the Obama supported Fatah/Hamas terrorists. The goal of these coerced “negotiations” is to force the timely implementation of the two state delusion, a.k.a. the final solution. This plan includes the demands on Israel to split their country in half and deport 400,000 of their citizens, arm the Hamas/Fatah terrorists with more money and arms, and allow the return of millions of violent islamofacists to Israel.  Keep in mind that the “right of return” would mandate that these terrorists return to the remaining morsel of Israeli territory, not just the land controlled by Hamasistan.
Also, under such a negotiated settlement, hundreds of millions of our tax dollars would be sent to raise and equip a Hamas/Fatah army, which would be used as a proxy of Iran’s revolutionary guard.  They would use those weapons against us and the Israelis. This “humanitarian aid” would be in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars that they already receive through foreign aid programs.
It’s interesting to observe how much of a pyromaniac Obama is when it comes to border security.  He is not content with merely breaching our own borders and subverting our sovereignty, he must do the same to Israel as well. Speaking of border security, here is a parting question.  How can Obama expect Israel to deport 400,000 of its own citizens, when he claims that we cannot even deport illegal aliens? Here is another thing to ponder.  Will Obama allow any synagogues to be built in the new “Palestinian” State?

The news that Iran has begun fueling their Russian nuclear reactor with uranium was lost amidst the slow news cycle of the weekend.  One would expect this to be the story of the year, but the media is not too worried.  They assure us that the Russians will make sure that the reactor is only used for domestic energy production.  Hey, since when were the liberals so supportive of domestic nuclear energy?  The last time I checked, they have been preventing us from building our own since the 1970’s.  If Obama has his way, we will soon be the only major country without nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.

Today, we woke up with the news that Iran now has a long range unmanned bomber to repel “aggressors”.  But don’t worry; it will only be used against the U.S. or Israel.  It’s amazing how the Obama administration and the Europeans have left Iran totally untouched by sanctions, thereby paving the way for their inevitable rise to a status of regional super power.  We all know how effective complete international sanctions and military blockades can be in crippling a nation.  Remember South Africa?  Where was the will to negotiate and demand full sanctions and blockading of all imports to Iran?  Remember, they don’t have their own natural gas, and oil refining capabilities.  If Obama would only assert himself slightly less than he does with Israel, we would not be facing an inevitable nuclear terror state.  Then again, Obama has funded Iran’s proxies in Israel, so he certainly has no desire to curb the power of the mother country.

Last week, Obama announced the end of combat operations in Iraq, and the immediate withdrawal of all combat related brigades.  However, while he was still taking credit for the successes of those policies that he vociferously opposed, it was being reported that the whole withdrawal is a charade. The Army Times reports that 50,000 combat troops will remain in Iraq, except they will have a new name.  These seven remaining brigades will now be called “The Advise and Assist Brigades”.  Guess what that means?  The troops will ostensibly remain in place, but will now be bound by the egregious rules of engagement of “advisory soldiers”.  As a result, the first post-withdrawal soldier was killed yesterday.  The bottom line is that Iraq will now join Afghanistan as another graveyard for brave soldiers who are forced to fight a war of “advice and assist”. 

El Salvador
Obama made a recess appointment of Maria del Carmen Aponte to be ambassador to El Salvador. This woman had a relationship with a Cuban intelligence officer and had previously withdrawn her name for such an appointment during the 90’s. Sen. DeMint had placed a hold on her nomination, so Obama waited for Congress to recess in order to appoint her. Oh, and for good measure, she was also a former board member of the Hispanic supremacist La Raza.  I’m wondering how long it will take for the number of asylum seekers from El Salvador to begin to spike.

The important thing to keep in mind in light of all this news is that the foreign policy dynamic is very different than that of domestic policy.  Hopefully we will take back congress and have the opportunity to at least fight for the repeal of the socialist takeovers of our economy.  It is certainly a monumental task, but it can always be accomplished legislatively, and the damage incurred by those policies is not necessarily permanent.  Foreign policy is a different story.  Obama will still be President after the midterm elections and will maintain his exclusive power to conduct foreign policy.  The damage of his policies might be irreversible (especially with concern to Iran), and there is no obvious legislative fix.  The one tool that a potential Republican House would have at its disposal would be its oversight function.

We need to be vigilant as conservatives and pressure the new Republican majority to conduct daily hearings and investigations of every facet of Obama’s foreign policy.  We need to demand that strong conservatives are appointed as Chairmen to the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and Oversight and Government Affairs committees, as well as the relevant Appropriations subcommittees.  Every conservative candidate for House and Senate should be highlighting these issues and slamming their Democrat opponents for supporting Obama.  This is especially poignant in those heartland districts where the incumbent Democrats are trying to run as staunch conservatives.  When it comes to issues of national security, time is of the essence and there is very little room for error.  Once Obama’s foreign policy chickens come home to roost, there is no turning back.

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