The Democrats and their Repulsive Hypocrisy on Border Security

The Democrats are engaging in yet another political dog and pony show with our border security. Let’s first review some of the immigration related news of the past few weeks. There has been a leaked internal memo from Customs and Immigration services (USCIS) detailing plans to use immigration enforcement agencies for the purpose of promoting amnesty and preventing deportations. Then, in late June, ICE Director John Morton ordered all detention agents to cease from detaining and apprehending illegal aliens, with the exception of violent criminals and terrorists.

Finally, last week we reported on a no confidence vote taken by rank and file ICE union members against Morton and other Obama appointed leaders in the DHS. They issued a devastating critique which exposed their leadership for politicizing border security, hamstringing border agents, creating resort-like conditions for illegals, and using department resources to campaign for and promote amnesty. Can it be more transparent that the policy of the administration is not to execute one of their few core constitutional responsibilities, while subverting our sovereignty and security?

Now, as they are confronted with a devastating midterm election season, the Democrats are attempting to seize the mantle of border security. What is their solution? Throw more money at the problem, of course! A few hours prior to the Senate adjourning for summer recess, Senator Chuck Schumer introduced a $600 million border security bill, which would appropriate more funding for 1500 border agents in addition to increased personnel and infrastructure for ICE and CBP. (S.AMDT.4593 to H.R.5875) Schumer was anticipating a fight from Senate Republicans as this bill will potentially increase the deficit; however, the GOP failed to take the bait and approved the funding by a unanimous voice vote. So let’s get something straight. The official policy of the administration, in concert with congressional Democrats, is to prohibit ICE, CBP, and USCIS from enforcing our immigration laws and securing the border. Yet, they feel that by directing more funding to this black hole of non-enforcement they will be perceived as border hawks by the electorate?!

The reality is that you can fund an additional 100,000 border agents, but if they will be used to teach illegals to dance and play bingo instead of apprehending and deporting them, the funding is worthless. And the Democrats know this. That is exactly why they are supporting this bill. They exploit the good press they receive for being “tough” on the border, but at the same time they know that it won’t lead to a single extra deportation, which is exactly the way the want it. Notice how they oppose any verifiable effort to secure the border in a meaningful way, while opting to promote bills that waste more money on bureaucratic packages that won’t lead to increased enforcement. This is why they have vociferously opposed efforts to complete the double-layer physical border fence. After all, a fence doesn’t have discretion to selectively obstruct illegal entry in the same way that our agencies do.

The Democrat hypocrisy on immigration legislation is even more appalling. One aspect of immigration enforcement that the entire open borders Democrat party claims to support is the deportation of criminal aliens. After all, Obama’s immigration enforcement agency heads have suspended all other priorities for the alleged purpose of dealing with criminal aliens. Well, Republican Congressman Tom Rooney (FL-16) has introduced H.R.6062 — Criminal Alien Removal Act of 2010. This bill would require federal immigration agents to identify and remove criminal aliens who are currently incarcerated in American prisons. Over 30% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens, and they have become the fastest growing prison population. It is an outrage that American taxpayers are forced to fund the cable TV and free prison education for other country’s violent criminals.

Unfortunately, there is no rush in the House to take up this common sense legislation during Tuesday’s special session. The reason is because a bill like this doesn’t merely send money after a dead end appropriation, it actually dictates policy. Evidently, a policy to remove even criminal aliens would undermine the Democrats effort to perpetuate the illegal invasion unabated. I originally wagered that the Democrats wouldn’t care much for criminal aliens, because as convicted felons, they are ineligible to vote. However, the more I see how Democrats are working furiously in many states to loosen the felon voting laws; it makes sense that they would find some good use for criminal aliens as well.

In light of all the discussion about providing more funding for surveillance drones at the border, we might want to focus on the drones throughout the country that show up and vote for these repugnant politicians. As long as these drones continue to consume the distortions and lies of the media about the Democrats agenda for our border, we will remain vulnerable as a nation.

Cross-posted from Red Meat Conservative