Hoffman vs Daggett

As Doug Hoffman continues to surge in the NY-23 congressional race, the liberal establishment Republicans are continuing to peddle disingenuous defenses of their support for ACORN Republican Dede Scozzafava. The clowns at the NRCC are now comparing Doug Hoffman’s candidacy to Chris Daggett’s spoiler run for governor in New Jersey, which might cost Republican Chris Christie the election. They claim that just as conservatives are playing spoiler for Christie by running on ideological purism versus electoral realism, they are similarly deluding themselves in supporting Hoffman over Scozzafava. This argument is so preposterous and is false on every premise. Lets look at the facts:

1. There already has been a primary in New Jersey and Christie won it handily. Conservatives tried to win with Steve Lonegan and were unsuccessful. Frankly, I liked Lonegan and would have voted for him, but Christie won an election of Republican voters. If Daggett has such a big mouth and really represents conservatives he could have run in the primary. NY-23 was a different story. Being that this is a special election, there was no primary and the people never had a say in choosing their nominee. Scozzafava was picked by a few local party bosses with absolutely no transparency. This is what we are protesting with the Hoffman candidacy.

2. When choosing whether to run a conservative challenger against the “mainstream” establishment Republican candidate, it is very important to consider the demographics of the given electorate. New Jersey is a very Democrat state with a strong inertia against electing Republicans to statewide offices. NY-23 is a Republican district (not the most conservative, but definitely more Republican) and has elected a Republican to congress every time since the Civil War. While some might argue that it is less likely to succeed in electing a real conservative to statewide office in New Jersey, it is a natural fit for NY-23. In fact, if Scozzafava would just drop out Hoffman would crush the Democrat.

Furthermore, there is no way that we can succeed in New Jersey with a significant percentage of the Republican vote splitting two ways, but we can still win in NY-23 even with a split vote. Again, if the radical leftist Scozzafava would just drop out then we would definitely win. As for their claim that Hoffman cannot win, well there is a new poll out that actually has Hoffman leading everyone.

3. There is another egregious fallacy to the premise of this argument. The RNC is claiming that Scozzafava is like Christie while Hoffman is like Daggett. This cannot be farther from the truth. Scozzafava is not just a RINO. She is a Nancy Pelosi radical leftist who is supported by ACORN and the Daily Kooks blog. In fact, there is no assurance that she would even caucus with the Republicans. It is clear that with her super liberal record, there is no doubt that the Democrats would offer her incentives to be a powerful Congressman in the majority than a no name official in the minority. Christie on the other hand is about as conservative a candidate that we can get elected in New Jersey at this point. There are definitely flaws with Christie but at least he is against tax increases and is pro life. Despite his many flaws he is no Scozzafava. Christie might be a moderate but Scozzafava is a Pelosi/Obama Marxist. Also, we had a crack at it in the primary but unfortunately came up short.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the equation. Chris Daggett is no Doug Hoffman. Hoffman is one of us. A true tea party leader, movement conservative, army veteran, businessman, and across the board rock solid conservative patriot. It is scandalous to compare Daggett to Hoffman. Daggett is an absolute social liberal, being pro abortion, pro embryonic stem cell research, and pro gay marriage.

Daggett is more like an Independent than a conservative. Even on other issues where he might claim to be conservative, he will never be a movement conservative. Anyway, I never trust someone who is so liberal on social issues to be so conservative on fiscal issues. I’ve seen that trick pulled off too many times with local candidates. So please. If I am going to play spoiler and vote for someone who will cause the Republican to lose let that guy be a real conservative like Doug Hoffman. It is also important to point out that New Jersey is an incumbent election. Therefore, Daggett is not only splitting the Republican/Conservative vote, but also the anti-incumbent vote as well.

We need to push back against these liberal Republicans. They are worse than the Democrats because they are preventing us from using the only viable political vehicle we have to succeed. The Democrats can’t effect our primaries and internal affairs. RINO’s can. Let’s help Doug Hoffman defeat all these liberals in one shot.

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