Florida Sen: Rubio 46%Meek 31%

There is a new Rasmussen poll out today with very striking data.  It polls hypothetical general election match ups between Democrat Senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek vs Republican Marco Rubio or Charlie Crist.  The results are as follows:

Charlie Crist- 46%

Kendrick Meek-34%

Marco Rubio-46%

Kendrick Meek-31%

These results are profound and striking for one simple reason. In light of the current conflict with the RINO GOP establishment in the special election of NY-CD-23, these results must be disseminated to debunk a common misconception. There is a narrative that has been promulgated by the RINO cesspool that the more liberal the Republican candidate, the better chance we will have in the general election. This Florida poll totally disproves this fallacy. Think of it this way. If Rubio is able to poll better than the “supper star”, 100% voter ID, popular, incumbent Gov. Charlie Crist, then there are few places in which a moderate will definitely be more electable. Certainly, in NY-23 where we have a radical leftist who is virtually unknown to most voters and is unhinged, the conservative stands a better chance of winning. The fact of the matter is that if Scozzafava would drop out, Doug Hoffman would crush the Dem.

Update: Nevada Senate Election

There is a new poll out in the Nevada Senate race polling a hypothetical match up with Dingy Harry and Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian. The results are:

Tarkanian- 46%
Reid- 41%

Lowden- 47%

Now I am not accusing Lowden of being a RINO in the likes of Scozzafava or Crist. However, it is clear that Lowden is the more establishment candidate who might be conservative on some issues but will not be down for the struggle as a movement conservative. Tarkanian on the other hand, is a tea party activist and passionate conservative. The numbers say it all. Tarkanian, who has never been elected to public office before is polling just as strong as the state Republican Chairman.