Pushing Back the Climate Hoax

I am taking a meteorology course in college this semester and inevitably the professor has interjected with global warming a number of times.  He requested that we answer the following question:

There seem to be two schools of thought on Global Warming. One says we can control it through better use of fossil fuels, etc. The other says that it is here to stay and that we should begin preparations for living in a world that will result from these changes. Which school do you belong to?

The glaring point of his question is that it is predicated on the fact that global warming is a fact and we are causing it. The only question to discuss is whether we should legislate our behavior or face calamity.

From past experience I have been pretty successful by fully challenging all liberalism in the classroom with unapologetic and well formulated arguments. I could tell that other guys in the room had some doubts about global warming but were too embarrassed to challenge it in public. The only way to stop the indoctrination in the classroom is to push back against it with full force.

I prepared the following report as a response. It is quite lengthy so I am posting it as a link on a website that I once published several years ago. I wanted to see what all you redstaters think. Is there anything that I should omit or add?

Note: I am not one hundred percent sure if this is a proper use of the diary section. This report has a lot of thought provoking questions and observations on the global warming movement. I think it would be useful for discussion. If not, feel free to delete it and I will know for next time.