Nevada Senate Election

Amazingly enough one of the most promising Senate pickups for 2010 is the seat of Dingy Harry Reid. In fact, Jim Geraghty over at Campaign spot has new numbersout on a potential match up with announced candidate Danny Tarkanian and likely candidate, party Chair Sue Lowden.
The unbelievable thing is that this poll was taken by the lunatic Daily Kooks and they still have both Republican challengers ahead of Reid. Imagine what the actual poll numbers are?

Several days ago I postedan analysis of the upcoming midterm elections and the need to be ahead of the curve and nominate the more conservative candidate in the primary assuming there is some viable chance at victory in the general election. We often look in the past in shock and outrage when we discover a newly electing Republican to be something less than a real conservative. Therefore, we need to look forward and be on top of primaries from the beginning in order to help promote the more conservative candidate. We are often to enthusiastic just to unseat the Democrat without paying attention to who the best candidate is. We wind up paying for it later. There are obviously certain states in the northeast that are difficult to field a solid conservative Republican in the general election. However, Nevada is not a liberal state.

This brings me to a potential primary between Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden. We need to have a dialouge as to who is the best candidate and most conservative one to defeat Reid assuming that Lowden enters the race. The news
today of her resignation as Nevada GOP Chairman is certainly an indication that she is seriously considering a run for Senate. My question to my fellow Redstaters is do we really need Sue Lowden to run? I have heard from others that she is not so conservative, but I would like to reserve judgment until I find out more info. Maybe other here have some good links on her issue positions.

In regard to Danny Tarkanian, I don’t know that much about him, but as an announced candidate he already has a website up and running. Having a lot of experience observing candidates websites, I’ve noticed that the degree to which they will identify themselves with conservatism on their website says a lot about them. I took a look at his issue positions and was pretty impressed.

In regard to immigration he writes the following:

Illegal immigration is a serious problem. Estimates run as high as 13 million illegal immigrants in this country. America is a country of immigrants, and we all respect and appreciate that. But the best way to honor those who come here legally is to enforce our immigration laws, even if that means a physical barrier or electronic fence at our border. I know there are many immigrants who are trying to come here illegally because they want to work – to help their families abroad. To them I say that we will do our best to talk to your country’s leaders about improving economic conditions in your homeland, but you must respect and obey our immigration laws. If you want to live the American Dream, please visit one of our embassies and apply for a work visa, just as millions of fine, lawful immigrants and naturalized Americans have done for decades.

I really like the way he approaches the issue as well as his position on the issue. He doesn’t speak of situations where he will acquiesce to illegal immigration. Instead he tells them if you want to come here then go visit an embassy.

In regard to foreign policy it seems like a really gets it.

I appreciate the value of using America’s “soft power” to defend our interests around the world, but we cannot base our entire foreign policy around being loved abroad. The truth is that there are people in the world who are at war with us and our way of life, and if we are going to defend our freedom we inevitably will have enemies. I also believe we must stay on the offense against those who have killed Americans here and abroad, and hunger to do so again.

This is not to say that he is guaranteed to be a solid conservative. We obviously need to learn more about everyone running at this stage as it is still to early to decide. However, I’ve noticed that most Republicans won’t even talk conservative. So its at least a start. Sue Lowden might turn out to be a good candidate as well. There are those here from Nevada that probably already know more inside information about the two candidates. I just feel that we need to get a dialogue going and decide which candidates to support.