A little hope after two weeks of frustration

See this projection today 2004:



First, I keep telling others this was Obama’s election to lose. Which, to a large degree is true. However, I think I say that to soften the blow if this half-weight, empty-suit gets elected.

Second, I looked at that site and realized that I am reliving the 2004 election, except this time the only wild card is whether these new voters will actually vote (didn’t we also see this in 2004?)

Third, the MSM (which is increasingly pissing me off–pardon my french) is increasingly attacking the GOP candidate, while “alternative” (or as Hannity calls it “the new media”) takes it shot at exposing the DNC candidate (didn’t we see this in 2004?)

Fourth, is this simply a rehash of 2004 or is that wishful thinking?

I think the answer to both questions is yes. I think Obama is the same as Kerry (or worst). However, I also believe (as I tell my moderate/conservative/and interested-but-not-yet-really-focused-on-the-election friends that with the current climate and the absolute backlash to GOP–this is Obama’s to lose. With this view of the GOP and Bush–I believe Kerry would win in a walk. Fortunately, we have Obama. And fortunately, we have McCain/Palin.

So, if you worry daily, while screaming at false headlines and pieces in the MSM–just click to electoral-vote.com and take a look at “this day in 2004” and see that we have been here before. Just remember Dan Rather.

Good Luck McCain/Palin. I am honestly scared for this country if they lose…

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