The Best Defense... is a good offense

See RCP electoral map and see if you are as amazed as I was…


What is startling are the states that are leaning for Obama.

His map is shrinking. This means our chances for winning are expanding and the Obama chances of winning are dwindling.

I still tell others that this Obama’s to lose… but that may change if trends hold up just before the debates.

What do I see:

Florida may come off the map completely and Obama may have to abandon the state.

Penn and Michigan are giving Obama fits.

The Southwest strategy is falling apart.

The most startling problem for Obama is how the Pacific Northwest is starting to creep towards competitive.

Understand, the northwest of the left coast were easy wins for Kerry and not as difficult for Gore as Bush had hoped. If either of these flip to toss-up, then we are seeing a Dukakis type of election.

Again, do not get to excited, but the map is getting really interesting as the states begin to catch up with national polls.

McCain should use this opportunity to drive home issues and character and start retreating from the Palin-victim angle.


(1) Obama supported infanticide and then called his critics liars–until they pointed out they were not liars (sound familiar from recent days).

(2) Point out Obama would not raise taxes if in a recession, but will when not in a recession–showing he knows his plan will hurt the economy.

(3) Point out that energy is the #1 issue, and he is even (now) out of step with his party in his opposition to realistic offshore drilling and nuclear power–while hammering home the “all of the above” plan of McCain. Let Palin stump on this issue.

(4) Hammer cuts in government spending–while everyone is sick of government corruption–Obama does not see a problem with out-of-touch spending. Mention the Chicago machine, the hospital his wife works for, and his billions in requests. Let McCain stump this issue.

(5) Finally, hammer home national security. Show ads with the clip from YouTube debate where Obama promised to meet with rogue leaders in Iran, Cuba, etc. (Let him defend the ad with his “clarifications”)

The media will not report the race as is… fine let the internet and web-ads define the race as it really is. Dan Rather could not get away with his shenanigans–neither will the rest of the press.