A Glimmer of Hope... and Sweet, sweet justice...

I love tomorrow…

Let me premise this by saying (as I have told family friends time and time again)–I still believe this election is Obama’s to lose. However, McCain/Palin is doing everything they possibly can to win this thing.

Reform may be what Americans want over some obscure theme of change exemplified by policy proposals of the Carter and Lyndon Johnson presidencies.

First… USA Today Gallup has McCain up by 10 among likely voters and 4 among registered voters (both outside the margin of error).

Next, Rasmussen had them tie today… couple those with Zogby and public perception is going to potentially tire of Obama and turn to McCain/Palin. Biden is simply turning irrelevant–unless he gaffes.

Finally, from MSDNC–Keith and Matthews are out of the anchor chair.

Read the links and weep with laughter.