The next line of attack and another liberal double standard...

I told my wife that once the media and pundits realize that Palin is a conservative, experienced, and principled version of Obama (which is to say the exact opposite)…the new line of attack will expose the new double standard from liberal media and the left of America.

I anticipated the line of attack to take a week, or at least a few days to kick in.


It took moments after the speech for Reid to describe it as shrill and two pundits on CNN to back that claim, that Palin is too harsh and too tough. Begala (also pronounced as Blagggh) reminded us how the media called Clinton a bitch.

The implication was clear… Clinton was not, but Palin was.

They refused to acknowledge that Palin exuded strength and poise. That she pointed out the different positions and characters with wit and a smile.

The media will soon follow Daily Kos talking points. Then, the old media will forget their swoons tonight and relive the rumormongering they put on display this last weekend.

“There are some candidates who use change to promote their career, and other candidates who use their career to promote change.” When Palin becomes president, that pointed, witty and swift retort to the Messiah’s failed movement will resonate in history.

Palin showed tonight that not only is Palin as prepared to run the country as Obama, she is more prepared.

I have no problem with the media balancing resumes and questioning credentials. Why? Because, Palin will win that argument, and she is our VP nominee not our presidential nominee. I have no problem with the media scrutinizing Palin’s conservative beliefs. Why? Because, Obama is so far left of Clinton, he makes a Clinton and Jeb Bartlett presidency seem conservative (ok, more like moderate).

My friends, we cannot let the giant fall back asleep. The backlash was a flame that cannot and should not be extinguished. Why? Women deserve to have a voice that is not only liberal talk from Sex and the City fans. They deserve to have role models that are from middle, rural and suburban America–not SF, NY, and/or LA alone.

Great Night. Keep up the fight. God Bless America!