I usually enjoy the history, but now I am just angry

I am usually one of the conservatives who hates to point to a media bias as the reason we face uphill battles around election season. My response has always been, “We simply need to speak louder and convince more people.”

However, the modern Internet and mainstream media lynching I have witnessed recently has disgusted me to the core.

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt she is a vetted politician with extensive history in the spotlight. Yet, somehow the media managed to look further into her background than anything close to Obama’s history.

As a casual observer I was a little annoyed that the first credible female candidate for president was vetted more thoroughly by the media than the political newcomer from the Chicago Political Machine. I believe the Messiah’s mentor once bragged, “I will make me a US Senator.” I did not want Hillary to get a break, but I did want Obama to be analyzed as well.

But, has the media took glancing observations at Obama’s history, they actively ignored the birth of Obama’s political career and his rise without substance–except votes that shocked many except for NARAL.

Now the GOP nominates an outsider. A Governor of a strategic state during the energy debate–a debate that is currently in the forefront of everybody’s mind. A person who like the GOP presumptive nominee, managed to draw the ire of the party establishment as she rose through the ranks winning the hearts and minds of the electorate. She did this while raising four kids. She governed while pregnant with a fifth that she new had Downs Syndrome. She created gains for Americans’ dire need for energy with a new pipeline. She fought the political machine of Alaska by increasing state revenues through tax increases to Big Oil, while making crucial cuts to the state budget allowing for tax cuts.

She was a social conservative. She was a fiscal conservative. Her devotion to the Alaskan Guards overseas shows she is a foreign policy conservative (but that still needs to be proven).

That resume alone from a self-made woman in a conservative state should be the story.

Now, I am not completely naive.

I knew Troopergate. (we really should come up with another name considering Bill’s Troopergate is much worst–how about “Drunk, wife-abusing, should have been fired instead of handed a 5 day suspension idiotgate.” Probably a little too long.) I expected that controversy. I expected her conservative principles to be fair game for debate. Her experience was also fair game–so long as Obama’s remained debatable as well.

But the media has deemed Palin worthy of a violation not witnessed since Clarence Thomas. In fact, the Clarence Thomas incident was not as bad as this. Clinton received some oral pleasure from a subordinate who was young–and the media argued that was a private affair. When the Enquirer knew Edwards for months of his presidential campaign–the media could not verify the private matter–despite his platform resting on his assurances of being a good family man.

The media did however have no problem floating the RUMOR that Palin was grandmother to her youngest child. Forcing Palin to out her daughter’s personal life and (life affirming) decision to have a child, they had the audacity to challenge her role as a mother, because she agreed to run for VP despite having a father home to assist with the children.

I say ENOUGH! Republicans, Conservatives, and those with common sense… WE MUST GET THE BACKLASH TO BEGIN! We do not all agree with Democrats. Hell, we do not even agree with each other on all issues.

I have read diaries and comments from RedState for a little over a year now. I can honestly say, most people here attack the issues and the candidates on the DNC side. There are many who believed some of the attacks on Obama like “Hussein” and whether Obama is a Muslim.

There are legitimate issues of policy and character in this race. We must go on the attack, against the media AND Obama, rather than defending Palin. She can defend herself–as I am sure she had to in Alaska.

Unite. Fight. And win this thing. It is now personal.