Encouraging News for Tea Party - GOP Worried About Money

A story this morning in the Wall Street Journal offers encouraging news for those looking to challenge the ruling class in Washington.

In an article titled “GOP Incumbents Lean on Donors,” Dion Nissenbaum of the Wall Street Journal indicates that established Republicans are expressing concerns about primary threats, fearful that they may not have the money to fight them off.  The author quotes a source at a recent fundraiser for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell where Mr. McConnell twisted the arms of Defense Contractors who apparently have been reluctant to shower him with cash for the upcoming election season.  According to the WSJ source, “The main message he was pushing was: Get involved, mainly to teach those who are primarying incumbents that it is not helpful to run against incumbents…”

His point was simple – many who are frustrated with Washington are farther to the right and might cut their lucrative contracts.  This is a continuation of the message we have been hearing for some time, and fiscal conservatives should be emboldened by the theme.  If the threats to incumbent’s were not legitimate, it would be ignored.  Instead we are seeing those in power lashing out against those itching to replace them with true Patriots, with people who will put the good of our Republic ahead of any political ambition.  Established Republicans simply don’t know how to fight those who are not looking for a career in politics.

McConnell joined the likes of House Speaker John Boehner, who stated recently that those criticizing ‘his’ budget were irresponsible, had lost all credibility, and were harmful to the process, and, according to him, had forced GOP lawmakers to take “ill-advised” policy positions.  The GOP in Washington has been duped into believing that the partial shutdown was some sort of a disaster.  Although the administration tried to make the episode as painful to the American People as possible, very few actually suffered, especially since only about 17% of the government shuttered, and everyone received back pay, even ‘overtime’ if they had been scheduled but did not have to show up.

Also on board in the concern about losing power?  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (and local COC groups) who fear that Tea Party aligned candidates would make sincere efforts to reduce special tax breaks and favors that their groups have come to accept as sacred.

One has to wonder if this had an effect on the budget Boehner just released.  Remember Sequestration?  It hit the defense industry particularly hard, and the new budget gets rid of many of the cuts mandated by earlier actions.  Boehner was on board with the cuts originally, but now, suddenly, he seems to think they are a bad idea, and that anyone who disagrees is somehow harmful to the Country.  Matt Hoskins, with the Senate Conservatives Fund (quickly becoming an arch enemy of the GOP establishment) indicated that McConnell’s behavior was hypocritical.  “All he’s really doing is saying ‘nudge-nudge, wink-wink, you know I’m a big spender, you know I’ll take care of you.'”

We see manifestations of this already in Georgia, where Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Boeing are supporting US Senate candidate Jack Kingston, who is arguably, the least objectionable of the candidates to Washington insiders.  This indicates real concern on their part that someone like Paul Broun could pull off a victory.