Simple Solutions

by David Hancock

People complain but very few offer answers – so I decided to come up with a few new ideas.  Some have probably been offered before, and if that is the case then just consider these an endorsement.

I have not fleshed these out, so there may be some problems lurking in the details.  Let’s consider them jumping off points:

1. Give Unemployment Payments to Companies

I am not a fan of unemployment payments, but when you get to unemployment that lasts more than two years you create people who are using my tax dollars to fund their stay at home lifestyle.  But what if instead of giving the checks to the people out of work we gave the checks to companies who need employees.  This doesn’t cost the taxpayers any more (in fact, it would cost less), the jobless person becomes an employee and the company gets benefit.  The company should have to put in some of their own money and then we monitor it with the existing payroll tax system.

Potential Savings: Marginal

Boost to Economy: Huge

2. Let People Opt-Out of Social Security

I have been paying the maximum into the Social Security system for over 25 years, but if I had the option of abandoning all of my ‘contributions’ with the promise that I would not have to contribute any more I would do it today.  Yes, the system would lose my remaining contributions, but they would not have to pay me a dime.  Give everyone 45 or older the ability to opt out and I think you would see a surprising number of takers.  Most of us have accepted the fact that we won’t be getting this money anyway.

Potential Savings: Huge

Boost to Economy: Big (people have more spending money)

3. Change “Donate to the presidential reelection campaign” to “Donate directly to reduce the debt”

I don’t know how many people check this box, and I don’t know how many would check the new one, but I think the debt is more important.  Let people fill in an amount they want to donate.  Problem is the liberal ruling class won’t want their bluff called on this.  They have always been able to donate to the treasury but would rather complain that the rich don’t pay their fair share.

Potential Savings: N/A

Boost to Economy: Probably Small

4. Buy Gold for the United States

We are printing money anyway – while it is still worth something buy as much gold (or other hard assets) as possible.  Then when the dollar starts to crash we will at least have something.

Potential Savings: N/A

Boost to Economy: Little short term, possibly HUGE long term

5. Sell Land to Raise Money (I am sure this has come up before…)

The federal government owns more than 30% of the United States.  That’s insane.  Sure some of this land is taken up with the military and government buildings, but add in all that and throw in some parks and they could easily get by on 1/3 that amount.  This is what any private citizen would do if he was out of money – I think the government should do the same.  Don’t keep taking money from me when you own 85% of Nevada.

Potential Savings: Huge

Boost to Economy: Big (as people use the land)

6. Limit Tax Revenue

Some states have proposed legislation to limit spending based on inflation.  A good idea, but I really don’t care how much they spend; I care how much they tax.  They can spend all they like, and probably will even if it is limited.  But if their funding is cut off they will eventually run out of money.

Potential Savings: Huge

Boost to Economy: Huge (people have more spending money)

7. Make Congress Covered Under the Freedom of Information Act

A lot of hanky-panky goes on in Washington.  Unfortunately we can’t find out about a bunch of it because Congress has made it impossible for citizens to request the details.  The Freedom of Information Act (FIA) is a good start but most people don’t realize that Congress and some other branches of government are simply exempt.  But this is typical Washington – pass a law that sounds good but then cripple it so it doesn’t inconvenience them.

Potential Savings: Unknown (depends on what we find)

Boost to Economy: Unknown

OK.  These are the ones I came up with just off the top of my head.  Send in your ‘out of the box’ suggestions and let’s get started.