What I am doing to help Sen. McCain win

I am a freshman at Miami University of Ohio. One of the organizations I am deeply involved with is the College Republicans. Part of what we do here (at least during election season) is spend a significant amount of time on the weekends at Butler County GOP headquarters in Hamilton helping with GOTV work. Every Saturday, we do phone banking to help determine where our assets are best placed come Nov. 4. Every Sunday, we go around and put up signs for Congressman John Boehner (R-OH-08) and Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH-01).For the past couple of Fridays, we have been going to local High School football games to hand out McCain/Palin stickers, bumper stickers, and sign up people to vote absentee (don’t worry, no ACORN stuff here!). Normally, I volunteer on Friday’s and Saturday’s. I have been doing phone banking every weekend for the past month except for when my mom came to visit me. So far, I have made somewhere around 600 calls, just to give a rough estimate.

We normally meet on Monday evenings, and a list of volunteering opportunities available during the week is usually given then. While there are opportunities during the week, I usually stick to the weekends so that I have time to study. I am really glad that I decided to come here instead of staying in my home state of California so that I can actually make a difference in a state that is important. I encourage you all to go to your local party and find a way to get involved, even if you aren’t in a swing state.