A new ad

So today on my way home, I was listening to a talk show, and the host was talking about the back-and-forth between McCain and Obama on energy. So the guy plays a clip of Obama’s remarks regarding the GOP handing out tire pressure gauges with Obama’s energy plan on it (which I find to be hilarious). The host then babbles on for a couple of minutes about this and that, and then he brings up a clip of the new Paris Hilton ad. While I am listening to her plan, a brilliant idea for a McCain to use for ads about his energy comes to mind: make it an animation, and have a monster labeled “Dependence on Foreign Energy” and in it you have three superheroes: one that shoots out Domestic Oil, another that smothers the monster with Clean Coal, and another that fries the monster with Nuclear Energy. While they are each using their special power, they explain to each other in layman’s terms why they will help and how soon they can help cut our dependence on foreign oil. At the end is an announcer: “Dependence on Foreign Energy is a monster. How do we kill it? Drill it, Nuke it, Mine it!”

Some digs at Obama’s silly energy plan could be added, but it would probably dilute the message.