CA Congressional Run-Down

I thought that I would create an 11-part series of information on all 53 congressional districts within the state of California. I will look at who the incumbent is, their ACU Rating* and the rating that CQ Politics gives the district, as well as information regarding how the district has voted in the past two Congressional and Presidential Elections, as well as the geography of the district. I will also include any background info I find.

*for the purposes of this post, I will consider candidates with a 90%+ rating from the ACU to be TrueConservatives™Disclosure: All of the districts referenced in this post are gerrymandered to favor a Democrat.


Incumbent: Rep. Lynn Woosley (D-CA) Challenger: Todd Hopper (R)CQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratThis district, which contains all of Marin County and part of Sonoma County, is represented by Lynn Woosley, a Democrat with a 4.05% rating from the ACU. In 2006, Woosley won reelection with 70.2% of the vote; she won 72.6% in 2004. Kerry carried this district 70-28 over Bush in 2004, and Gore easily carried it with a 2-1 margin of 62-30 over Bush.


Incumbent: Rep. George Miller (D-CA)Challenger: NoneCQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratAnother gerrymandered district, CA-07 is represented by George Miller, a 17-term Democrat with an ACU rating of 4.64%. 2006 was a cakewalk for Miller, who won 84% of the vote, up from 76% in 2004, the last time a Republican has challenged. This district, which zig-zags it’s way from Vallejo to Vacaville in the north and Richmond to Pittsburg (CA) in the south, went 67-32 for Kerry and 65-30 for Gore.


Incumbent: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)Challenger: Dana Walsh (R) Cindy Sheehan (I)CQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratMadame Speaker’s district, CA-08, covers about 3/4 of the city of San Francisco. This explains why she won 80% of the vote in 2006, 83% of the vote in 2004, and has an ACU rating of 2.95%. It comes as no surprise then that Kerry won the district 6-1 over Bush and Gore won it 5-1.

In August of last year, Anti-War Activist/Grieving Mother Cindy Sheehan decided to challenge Pelosi because Pelosi wasn’t withdrawing troops from Iraq fast enough. While I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheehan won, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Pelosi retained her seat for another term.


Incumbent: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)Challenger: John Dulk (R)CQPolitics Rating: Safe Democrat Barbara Lee is a 5-term incumbent with an ACU rating of 3.36%. Her district is made up of the Northwest corner of Alameda County, which includes Berserkley and Oakland. In 2006, Lee carried 86.3% of the vote, up from 84.6% in 2004. To use gamer parlance, Kerry pwned Bush 86-13, while Gore beat him 77-13.


Incumbent: Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA)Challenger: Nicholas Gerber (R)CQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratRep. Tauscher is a 6-term Democrat with an 11.21% ACU rating. Her district, which comprises the suburbs of Fairfield, Antioch and Livermore, voted for her with a 66% majority in 2006, up slightly from 65.7% in 2004. Kerry beat Bush here 58-40, while Gore carried the district 54-40.