CA Congressional Run-Down

I thought that I would create an 11-part series of information on all 53 congressional districts within the state of California. I will look at who the incumbent is, their ACU Rating* and the rating that CQ Politics gives the district, as well as information regarding how the district has voted in the past two Congressional and Presidential Elections, as well as the geography of the district. I will also include any background info I find.

*for the purposes of this post, I will consider candidates with a 90%+ rating from the ACU to be TrueConservatives™ CA-01Incumbent: Mike Thompson (D-CA) Challenger: John Jones (R)CQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratThe incumbent, Rep. Thompson, has an ACU lifetime rating of 11.75%. He’s won reelection 5 times since he was first elected in 1998, with 66% of the vote in 2006 and a little less than 67% in 2004. Kerry took this district 60-38 over Bush in 2004, while Gore carried it 51-38 in 2000. The challenger, John Jones, a retired police officer, ran against Rep. Thompson in 2006 and got 29% of the vote. The district is located along the northern coast from the Oregon border at the North, Napa Valley in the south, and Sacramento in the east.

CA-02Incumbent: Wally Herger (R-CA) Challenger: A.J. Sekhon (D)CQPolitics Rating: Safe Republican Rep. Herger is a TrueConservative™ – he holds a 96.43% lifetime voting record from the ACU. His opponent, AJ Sekhon, is a Doctor and a Colonel in the Army Reserves. Herger has held this seat for 11 terms, and got 64.2% of the vote in 2006 and 66.8% in 2004. Bush carried this district 62-37 over Kerry in 2004, and 60-33 over Gore in 2000. The district extends from the Oregon border and Yreka in the north along the I-5 corridor to Yolo county in the south. It’s westernmost border is Trinity county, while Yuba county is it’s easternmost border.

CA-03Incumbent: Dan Lungren (R-CA)Challenger: Bill Durston (D)CQPolitics Rating: Safe RepublicanJust like Rep. Herger, Rep. Lungren is a TrueConservative™ with 92.46% voting record from the ACU. His opponent, Bill Durston, is an ER doctor and a decorated Marine. Rep. Lungren, a seven term incumbent, won in 2006 with 59.5% of the vote, and carried a little less than 62% of the vote in 2004. Bush carried the district 58-41 over Kerry and 54-40 over Gore. The district contains parts of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Sacramento, and Solano counties.

CA-04Incumbent: James Doolittle (R-CA) (Retiring)Challengers: Tom McClintock (R) Charlie Brown (D)CQPolitics Rating: Lean Republican9 term incumbent James Doolittle is retiring at the end of this term, after he became involved in the Jack Abramoff scandal. In June, Tom McClintock, a well respected legislator and former candidate for Governor, won the primary. His opponent, Charlie Brown, is a retired Air Force Lt. Col. The district is located in the northeast part of the state.

CA-05Incumbent: Doris Matsui (D-CA)Challenger: Paul Smith (R)CQPolitics Rating: Safe DemocratMatsui has a 5.63% voting record from the ACU. She won her first reelection in 2006 with a whopping 70.8% of the vote. The district went for Kerry 61-38 and 58-34 for Gore. The district encompasses Sacramento and the surrounding suburbs.