The Way Forward - Learn or Lose

Now is not the time for recriminations. Indeed everyone can have a bit of the blame and then we can put it aside to use our energy in moving forward rather than revisiting the past.

The left hopes Republicans will become a fractured and demoralized party but this is not necessary nor should it be a given result. Staring at your own mortality is often good for the soul and it can be in this case if we use the time to find new answers, new solutions and new candidates.

In staring at my own mortality I believe the lessons of Barrack Obama’s election are two-fold:

First, as Republican’s we are losing the vote of men and women under 30. Statistics show that once a person votes twice for the same party they rarely switch their affiliation in the future. Simply put if this trend continues we have no long term future. So how do we fix it? I spoke with numerous college kids who voted for Obama because he was young, interesting and they liked him.. Read it again. Say it out loud. PEOPLE VOTE FOR WHO THEY LIKE THE BEST.

This is why the most important position in the Republican party at this time is the head of the NRCC. – Think of this in business terms. If you can’t recruit the best and brightest communicators and leaders you are likely to lose to your competition if they have employed people who are better and more talented than yours. Recruitment is the single most important issue we face so everyday we are creating and farming candidates who have the potential to be national leaders for tomorrow

*Second, there are fewer white people in the world *and not all of them vote Republican. Let’s face it – we are the party of white men and as white men get old and die – we die. So let’s ask ourselves, who is our future? Where is our future growth as a party; where are the added numbers we need to remain competitive in a world where our core constituency is literally dying off.

The fastest growing group of voters in America is Hispanics. Although it may be unpalatable to many we must decide as a party if we want to align ourselves with a group of people who innately share many of our same political values or if we want to continue on a path that alienates this same group of people and pushes them forever into the Democrat camp. I suggest we begin a focused effort to recruit and sustain young Hispanic political figures particularly in southern California. I further suggest that we suck it up and deal politically with immigration, if we don’t the Democrats will and the results for Republicans are likely to span decades.

People who talk about returning to our small government roots haven’t seen the new reality, nor have those who talk about purging our ranks of those who aren’t conservative enough, much less the ridiculous call by some that we must move to the middle.

The middle is wherever the most liked candidate stands. We don’t have to sacrifice our core principles to find great candidates. And this election proves that people in the middle and center left will easily vote for a candidate who has views contrary to their own.

Find the right candidates, recruit, recruit, recruit, deal with Hispanics and we can build a future. Fail, and get used to crying in the wilderness.