The Abyss

I never considered myself to be the blogging type, but recent events have made me want to get my word out to the people. We are only 35 days from taking one step back from the edge of the abyss, or taking one huge leap into it. A Obama administration along with a democratic congress would mean the greatest seizure of power since the days of FDR and the “New Deal.” Americans have to see what path we are heading. Today we are but a shell of what our founding fathers intended us to be. Rather than being the shining beacon, its now popular to “hate” this country. We have to band together and take back the power that belongs to the people of this great country. Its obvious in light of our current economic woes, that the government is not able to properly take care of its citizens. The revolution needs to begin now. We need new blood in congress and most importantly a president who will stand up to special interest groups. We need energy independence and a strong national defense. We have to vote for Senator John McCain and ensure the republicans reclaim the house and senate, but only if they follow the will of the people.