Erika Harold for IL-13

Erika Harold is a first time congressional candidate in the 13th congressional district. You can go to her website @ http://www.erikaharold.com/ to find out more about her and donate. The primary election is March 18th and she is facing incumbent Rodney Davis.

Here is an interview she gave with the editorial board of the State Journal Register.


This interview is interesting because it reveals that Republican officials are intimidating donors from helping her. Matt Bevin has said the same thing. She also discusses the fact that the local parties have refused to give her their voter files. I think dealing with the party higher ups is just as discouraging as the targeting of the IRS.

Here is her giving a talk at a fundraiser she had a while back with Herman Cain…


Here is her intro video from the start of her campaign:


Rodney Davis has 42% rating this year with Heritage Action.

Erika would be a great replacement for Davis in this competitive district. I believe she would bring a fresh face that attract non-traditional Republican voters.