Updated: Senate Leadership drying up Tea Party groups

FreedomWorks Chief Says GOP Senators Are Killing His Group’s Funding

FreedomWorks chief Matt Kibbe told the New York Times in a story published Monday that leading Republican lawmakers have done their part to block donations to his group.

“I’ve been told by a number of donors to our ‘super PAC’ that they’ve received calls from senior Republican senators,” Kibbe told the Times.

Kibbe said those donors simply told him, “I can’t give to you because I’ve been told I won’t have access to Republican leadership.”

“So they’re playing hardball,” Kibbe said.

This is the kind of crap we’re dealing. The Beltway Republicans against the Tea Party.

I suggest donating as much as you can to SCF, Freedomworks, and each candidate you can to defeat these people.

Update 12:17pm CST – So not only is the Obama administration targeting Tea Party groups… it’s our own Senate Leadership doing it. This pisses me off.