*Updated: McConnell Staffer refuses to leave private Bevin event - Police called

Eunice Loganposted toMark Levin
2 hours ago ·

Mitch McConnell intimidation continues… McConnell-paid harassers escorted from Bevin event by police.

Last night my husband and I attended a Meet and Greet for Matt Bevin in Stanford, KY. When we arrived, we noticed we were being filmed by 2 people in the back of the room. The young woman and young man, who was wearing a sidearm, work for McConnell, filming Matt Bevin and those who dare to speak to him. The room where the meeting was held had been rented by 2 local citizens, and all in attendance decided that since this was a private venue, the McConnell people had no business being there. We needed to be able to talk among ourselves without McConnell recording who-said-what, etc.

So, from our seats, we asked the stalkers to leave. They refused. Several people approached them face to face and told them to leave. They again refused. I got up and blocked the young woman’s camera with my scarf, but she turned every which way, trying to film around it. Someone called the police to have them ejected, and at that point the young man with the sidearm left. The young woman kept attempting to film until a police officer arrived and took her into custody.

McConnell said he would “bloody the noses” of conservatives. He is following through on that threat by sending an armed camera crew to record private citizens who oppose him. Meet our “big Brother” Mitch, student at the NSA Academy of Citizen Relations… He needs to go. This is disgraceful.

*Update: Here’s video of the incident… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3WOGYnTTew