Losing a Beauty Contest for being against gay marriage?

I was going to write my next “generic conservatism” post about Mayor Bloomberg, RINOs, and term limits, but the following subject is a little more timely right now. Bloomberg is a subject I can handle more at my leisure. Without further adieu….

The fallout over “Miss California” Carrie Prejean’s position on gay marriage is yet another example of political correctness (PC) run amok and of the current national trend towards silencing conservative opinions.

In Prejean’s case the questioner specifically solicited her opinion on the subject. This beauty pageant contestant was not running for political office and did not set up a soap box or otherwise go out of her way to volunteer her thoughts on the subject. In short, she was asked a question and she answered it. Unfortunately, her answer proved too shocking for the hyper-sensitive PC types she works for and it may have cost Prejean her Miss USA crown. The horrible opinion she expressed? Prejean is against gay marriage. Just like even ultra-lefty Obama professes to be; and like “conservative” McCain is (note: I’m using the word “conservative” very loosely as regards McCain, who in reality is a RINO). Since her opinion was not PC, her pageant days are now numbered.

We typically regard PC as a liberal phenomenon. This is a major mistake. Unfortunately, political correctness is a cancer that afflicts conservatives every bit as much as liberals.

During the 2008 campaign, our own GOP would not let use the word “terrorism” during our campaigning; and Obama’s associations were verboten subjects. When Bill Platt, a GOP chair in a PA district used Obama’s middle name at the October 8, 2008 Bethlehem PA rally, at which I was present, the McCain campaign chastised him for “inappropriate behavior.” Given Obama’s propensity to bowing before Muslim clerics; his anti-American apology tour all over Europe – and his obsession with all things Islam, could it be that maybe, just maybe Mr. Platt was on to something by emphasizing the middle name HUSSEIN? Instead of censuring Mr. Platt, the McCain campaign might have won the election if did not spend so much time defending and conceding to the other side.

The GOP had succumbed to and was paralyzed by its own brand of PC – and the moment McCain declared “you have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency” may have been the moment he lost the election. Why vote for someone who spends his time defending the other guy and who votes the same way as the other guy, when you can just vote for the other guy and be done with it?

Lest anyone think PC is new or strictly a US phenomenon, my wife (a liberal) was a well-known ballet dancer in Mexico. She had her own dance company and routinely aired her performances on various Mexico City TV channels. That all came to an end when she spoke out against the Catholic church in an interview, saying something to the effect that the church was keeping people ignorant. Unlike Prejean, my wife just decided to make that comment. The comment along with one of her dances, which was misinterpreted as being about the October 2, 1968 Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico City (the dance was actually about nuclear war) caused her career there to screech to a grinding halt. In Mexico, the government is very highly involved with the arts — most of the cultural institutions there are government agencies. Justified or not, bucking the church in Mexico was a career-ending move for her. Anyone who knows Mexico fairly well knows it is basically a fascist country.

Should one lose a job for being against gay marriage? Being for it? Being for Obama or against? Or having an opinion one way or another on some other subject matter? The reason why PC is such an insidious cancer is that it attempts to enforce an “acceptable opinion” on subject matter through fear and intimidation of losing one’s livelihood. The entire DHS report referenced in a prior entry by myself and in entries here by numerous others is premised on Obama’s version of PC.

It is one thing to disagree on the three most passionate subjects: politics, religion and sports (try wearing a Yankee cap in Fenway Park or a Red Sox cap in Yankee Stadium…). We can choose who we wish to be friends with; or associate with – as the case may be.

But, opinion one way or the other on subjects not related to lines of work should not become career-limiting or ending events. Opinion on gay marriage – for or against – should not cost a beauty contestant her crown. What pray-tell does Prejean’s opinion on gay marriage – one way or the other – have to do with how pretty she is? Unless I missed a memo, this is a ***BEAUTY*** contest! Prejean is a woman in the private sector who briefly became a national figure because she had the temerity to express an opinion counter to that held by her contest promoters. If this sounds eerie and familiar, it’s because it is.

Most of us here agree that Obama is at best a socialist – highly likely a communist – who is hell-bent on silencing dissent to his administration. His answer stock answer to dissent is, “I won.” Obama cannot make the United States a fascist country by himself. But with the help of a like-minded Congress, and people like the ones who are so horrified by Prejean’s opinion that they have denied her what she otherwise would have won – we certainly can one morning wake up in a country that is completely alien to where we were before. PC aids, abets, and facilitates — indeed is a core component of fascism.