AK Gov. Sarah Palin on In-State Gas Pipeline and Court Ruling on Off-Shore Drilling

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on April 17, 2009 urged lawmakers to approve “$9 million in preparatory funding for pipeline work in this year’s public works budget” (Gasline, 2009, ¶1). Interestingly, some House Finance Committee members were concerned that Governor Palin’s administration did not “adequately communicate its position on an in-state gasline” (Gas line, 2009, ¶2).

Members of the administration have testified before committees. In addition, Project Manager Harry Noah has conducted open working groups with legislators. Governor Palin has met regularly with House and Senate leadership this session to discuss plans to jump-start development of an in-state line (Gas line, 2009, ¶3).

The governor introduced two bills (HB 163/SB 135 and HB 164/SB 136) for in-state gas development that have been heard in the House and Senate energy committees. The House and Senate have passed several in-state gas resolutions, and the House on April 14 amended HB 44 to include language from the governor’s bill, HB 163, expanding authority for the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (Gas line, 2009, ¶4).

A four-phase plan for the development of an in-state pipeline was presented by the administration on March 3. The $9 million in funding will advance the project through phase two (Gas line, 2009, ¶5).


This is yet more moose manure from a group of legislators who wants to obstruct anything with Governor Palin’s name on it. Governor Palin only supports the gas line, has made numerous communiques to that effect and introduced two bills to get it going. What else do these people need to know about her position on the subject? What part of “I want to develop an in-state gas pipeline — it’s a top priority for my administration” do these legislators not understand? And…honestly, what else is she supposed to do to “adequately communicate her position on a project she so obviously wants done?”

The childish spite on the part of these people could not be more blatant and more painfully obvious. In trying to deny Governor Palin her pieces of legislation and engaging in these power plays, it is the people of Alaska who will suffer the consequences. The legislative session closes today. Perhaps Governor Palin can expect four pieces of legislation on her desk soon: marmots, malamutes, bestiality, and a stimulus bill full of poison. It’s time for the Governor to lock and load her veto pen and veto every last one of these dogs.

Three days after Governor Palin testified before Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar on developing energy resources on Alaska’s outer continental shelf, a federal court ruling in favor of environmentalists “undermines the federal leasing program for oil and gas reserves in the Beaufort, Bering and Chukchi seas (Court Ruling, 2009, ¶1-2).

“We are adamant in our support for responsible off-shore development,” Governor Palin said. “As I told Secretary Salazar on Tuesday, even a stepped-up effort toward energy conservation will not avert the need for increased production of conventional fuel sources as our population grows. The resources in the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea, especially, are critical for what should be a dramatic increase in domestic natural gas and a modest increase in domestic oil production” (Court Ruling, 2009, ¶3)….

“Ironically, putting the brakes on domestic energy production does not prevent global warming or threats to species, but actually increases the problem by shifting resource extraction to less environmentally preferred fuels and locations” (Court Ruling, 2009, ¶5).


Let’s start with a salient point from Governor Palin: “Unfortunately, while we have been struggling to persuade the Obama administration not to undo the opportunities for off-shore drilling, an appeals court has stepped in at the bidding of short-sighted environmentalists and pre-empted the federal-state dialogue” (Court Ruling, 2009, ¶4).

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is owned by environmentalists who not only want to stop domestic energy production; they want to dictate every facet of how we live our lives — what we drive; whether we drive; what light bulbs we use, the settings on our thermostats, and so forth. The Obama administration has about as much interest in domestic energy production as a jihadist does in supporting Israel and the United States.

The bottom line is: Governor Palin is right on energy; the Obama administration is wrong — dangerously wrong. Obama’s energy policy will expose our country even more to enemies, if it doesn’t bankrupt us first. His policies will lead us straight down the road to misery — things like rolling blackouts that occurred in CA under Gov. Gray Davis, $4/gallon and higher gasoline, and rationing of energy — and more, not less environmental damage. Communist China is a allowed to develop on our outer continental shelf, but we can’t! How ridiculous is that? Adding insult to injury, the Chi-Coms are not known for using environmentally friendly techniques.

Though this court ruling is discussed in context of Governor Palin and one of her releases, this is ultimately NOT about her. It’s about all of us and the disastrous consequences that will befall us thanks to an administration whose energy policy is an epic failure.


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