Are we now all "right-wing extremists?"

This entry marks my first posting on a subject matter other than the one I usually cover. It is being posted exclusively here at Red State.

By now, everyone is familiar with the DHS report on “right-wing extremism” that has been cussed and discussed by people from all sides of the issue. I think it’s time to take a step back and review some history in context of this report.

Speaking of which, the report is at Michelle Malkin’s website

What do Bush and Obama have in Common? They’re Both Subjects of Paranoid Rhetoric…

Both Bush and Obama have been called “anti-Christ.” Both Bush and Obama have been accused of building concentration camps to house political dissidents. Both men have been accused of plotting to destroy the US Constitution and bring our nation under the aegis of a “New World Order.” Both Bush and Obama have been accused of stealing a POTUS election – Bush in 2000 with the whole hanging chads affair which resulted in the Supreme Court ruling in his favor – and Obama via the whole birth certificate controversy. The point of commonality is that the paranoid rhetoric is the same. One of my high school history teachers (going back something like 25 years) once told his class that the extreme left and the extreme right both lead to the same place. This is how two men who whose policies are diametrically opposed to one another get accused of doing the same things.

The Report – the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same, But with a disturbing twist….

By itself the DHS report is actually quite unremarkable. Hate groups – skin heads, neo-Nazis, and anti-government groups have been around for decades. The phenomenon of people stockpiling weapons, ammunition, and canned goods in preparation for Armageddon goes back to at least when I was a youth some 20 years ago – these people were called “survivalists” – and the gun magazines of the day usually had one or more articles and ads pertaining to them. The angry war veterans of the day were VietNam vets and that was the subject of many a movie I watched growing up. VietNam vets were discriminated against, thus they were made a protected class in anti-discrimination laws. Militia groups are likewise nothing new.

What the report fails to mention; however, are the left-wing extremist groups – including but not limited to environmental terrorists, anarchists, and lest we forget – Obama’s mentor – Bill Ayers and his “lovely” wife, Bernadine Dorhn, among others. That’s what makes this report disturbing. It pretends that left-wing extremism does not exist and paints ordinary conservatives as “right-wing extremists” bent on overthrowing the government.

The “Great Unifier” Antagonizes

Obama and his administration contrary to his purported intention to “unite and heal” the nation has gone out of his way to antagonize anyone from the center to the full right. He started a smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh. He makes constant pronouncements that “he won” – like we don’t already know that. To this day, members of his administration are actively trying to destroy the political career of a sitting governor that they perceive to be a mortal threat. When that governor’s colleague Mark Sanford from South Carolina first asked if he could use the stimulus money to pay his state’s debts, the Obama administration’s response was to run attack ads on TV smearing Governor Sanford. Now that Governor Rick Perry spoke about the Tenth Amendment, he too has joined ranks with his GOP colleagues and is now a victim of Obama’s smear attacks.

Obama has gone on record as wanting to gut the Second Amendment. He is the one who made the statement about people “clinging to their guns.” So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that gun sales have skyrocketed and there are shortages on ammunition. Gun shops across the United States often have a picture of their “salesman of the year” or “month” – and the winner of that award is none other than Obama. He is a living, breathing, human stimulus package for the gun industry.

The only thing Obama is interested in unifying is his own base so as to consolidate his power. He views those who stand opposed to him as subjects who simply have to accept his “change” because he won.

What does this report mean to us?

Starting with myself, I support a governor the Obama administration is hell-bent on destroying. One of my online haunts in support of said governor is operated by a pro-life organization. I am an “easy pay” life member of the NRA. I have on numerous occasions harshly, bitterly, and rather gratuitously criticized Obama on my blogs, and in comments. I am a life-long Republican. My real name and location is on all my blogs – I’m very easy to find. Do I have reason to worry? Probably. But, thus far, no harm has befallen me. I certainly don’t obsess over it. But I know what happened to Joe the Plumber when he dared to question then candidate Obama on his socialist schemes.

Just as I have chosen to “specialize” by devoting 100% of my political time to the aforementioned governor (and the Second Amendment figures into my support), a compatriot of mine devotes 100% of his political time to Second Amendment issues in NJ. He does this work more than 40 hours a week. Should he worry? Others here may “specialize” in other single issues – such as abortion, taxes, economy, energy, immigration, etc., or may devote 100% of their time to the elected official/candidate of their choice. Should these people worry?

Does the mere act of having a Red State account make one a “right-wing extremist?”

In the eyes of this administration – probably yes. The problem is this report is part of a larger pattern. This report purposely portrays essentially the entire plurality that did not vote for Obama as being “right-wing extremists.” In so doing, Obama has succeeded in agitating normally level-headed people – and by so doing is goading the real extremists to action. See the comments on Ms. Malkin’s report.

If this report were even-handed – covering extremists of both the left and the right – and if Obama did not routinely engage in behaviors that indicate intention to remold this country from an exceptional shining city on a hill to an average, European socialist country, I would say there is no cause for alarm. Given the pattern that has presented itself to us, there is cause for concern. Not paranoia – but serious and guarded concern.

Everyone with the distinct exception of the Obama trolls is here because we care about our conservative values. We partake in various activities in support of those values. We blog. We work phone banks, do literature distribution, street visibility, and door-to-door campaigning for our candidates at the federal, state and municipal levels. We organize and attend tea parties, operate PACs, and comment on news articles. We donate money to various candidates, causes, and organizations.

In summary, we are politically active. And according to this report – we are all “right-wing extremists.”