I was Wrong...and I'm staying (updated April 16, 2009)

In a fit of anger a few days ago, I deleted some comments off my blogs following some heated exchanges. And in another fit of anger, I had announced my intention to cease blogging here — which is in strikeout text below.

Tonight, one of the users whose comments I deleted — AKSteve — gave me some helpful thoughts. As I read his words, I realized that I took the wrong approach….and I got a better sense of how this site functions. Guess, I was a rank newbie after all. This person, who I treated like an enemy came back like a friend. And that opened my eyes — I was wrong in my approach.

Several users asked me to stay. Others chided my “take my ball home” approach….and they were right…”picking up your ball and taking it home” has no place in politics. So, I’m not going to do that.

Tomorrow morning I’m back in business here. And I’ll look at the negative comments as opportunities to improve my blog posts.

I had started a blog here to expose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s accomplishments (with some defense material) to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, this site is not appropriate venue in which to post this material. It is a toxic and hostile environment and continuing to post here is only deleterious to the Governor’s interests. My first priority has to be to do no harm. I work up to 70 hours a week and have chosen to dedicate 100% of my political effort to advancing Governor Palin’s interests as a Governor and hopefully as a candidate for the 45th President of the United States if she chooses to run. That is my decision and right. With that comes the responsibility to ensure that her interests are indeed served by my actions, else they’re for naught. Posting blogs in a venue where they are turned into flame wars does not advance her interests and only foments anger for all parties involved.

For those of you who support the Governor and want to follow her accomplishments — or even those of you who don’t but who have an open mind and want to learn more about her, you can continue to follow her accomplishments at the site listed in my profile.

To those of you who supported me here, I thank you profusely and hope you will join me on the other site.